I do not recognise ED’s govt: Chief 

Source: I do not recognise ED’s govt: Chief – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 11, 2019


OUTSPOKEN Ntabazinduna Chief Nhlanhlayemangwe Felix Ndiweni on Thursday said he does not recognise President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government.

“Do you notice that I call it an administration, because according to me this country does not have a government. The proper government to run this country is yet to come.
A government that will make people’s lives normal, a government that will put an end to fuel queues, a government that will see parents being able to pay fees for their children,” he said.

The visibly emotional chief further touched on Gukurahundi issues, which he described as an outright genocide.

“Gukurahundi was genocide, and as long as this administration does not acknowledge that, then we are going nowhere. Exhumations are not a solution because these graves are a crime scene, and there has to be a proper report on how these graves came to be and perpetrators must be brought to book,” he added.

Ndiweni, who hardly ever minces his words on issues he does not support, made the remarks during a Press conference in Bulawayo, where he and his advisors launched a Save Ntabazinduna mountain campaign.

The campaign is for the protection and preservation of a sacred mountain, which is used by locals for spiritual rituals amid concerns by the traditional leader and locals that it was now being disrespected and violated, especially by outsiders.

Ndiweni said he lost interest in trying to engage Mnangagwa’s administration on the issue of Ntabazinduna mountain because the government seemed to be turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to his calls.

The traditional leader further said he will never address the current set up as a government of Zimbabwe, but preferred to call it a “temporary” administration.


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    Nyoni 3 years ago

    I totally agree with the Chief here. This is not a government it is a parastatal. Being run to the ground by inept fellows of ill disrepute. 

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    J.dube 3 years ago

    Totally irresponsible for govt.to start unpacking graves without support of local chiefs and communities.I agree totally with chief ndiweni in particular.ED must apologize and take ownership of “the moment of madness” that he did I matebeleland and midlands