I will not be silenced: Malunga 

Source: I will not be silenced: Malunga – #Asakhe – CITE

Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) director, Siphosami Malunga, whose farm was recently confiscated by the government under unclear circumstances has vowed not to be silenced on seeking justice for Gukurahundi victims.

The farm seizure is, however, being challenged in the High Court.

Malunga, son of the late ZAPU stalwart and national hero Sydney Malunga has been vocal in criticising the ZANU-PF government’s failure to resolve the Gukurahundi which claimed at least 20 000, innocent civilians, in Matabeleland and Midlands in the early 1980s.

Speaking during the launch of a Gukurahundi documentary titled: “One Night in 1985” Monday at the ongoing annual Asakhe Film Festival hosted by the Centre for Innovation and Technology (CITE), Malunga said the government’s taking away of Esidakeni farm, which he co-owns with two other Zimbabweans would not silence him on Gukurahundi.

“And I say always, some of us for our loud mouths we have lost our farms,” said Malunga.

“We will lose more but it’s ok.  I always say my father was only four years older than me when he died. So, I only have four more years to beat his record. But you will not keep us quiet. Never! I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. I will never keep quiet on Gukurahundi.”

He further said: “Who is going to talk for those people who disappeared? Who is going to talk for them? Because you are afraid that you will disappear. What is so special about disappearing? After all how many people have disappeared to date? Thousands have so far disappeared, so what is special about one person disappearing? It will be just one more over the thousands and mind you, you only die once.”

Malunga said nothing would deter him from openly talking about Gukurahundi.

“For me I continue and I use this opportunity to say we should all work towards resolving Gukurahundi,” he emphasized.

“We should support the government in its quest to resolve Gukurahundi. We should tell the government how we think Gukurahundi should be resolved. We must not keep quiet because there will be no resolution.”