Marry Chiwenga: My Children Are Being Sexually Abused 

Source: Marry Chiwenga: My Children Are Being Sexually Abused – Pindula News

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife, Marry Chiwenga, has appealed for help to get her three minor children with the former army boss into her custody, saying they are being sexually abused by the housemaid.

In a post on social media, Marry also claimed that her estranged husband, who is also the Minister of Health and Child Care, does not take instructions from the President and therefore, she has no one to help her. Below is Marry’s statement:

It is most disturbing and disheartening as I write this piece of message. I write for the world to see, to know that the clock might be ticking for me, for those that wish to end my life, I have been followed, my cars have been bugged, my parents are being followed, all those that have assisted me have been threatened, some beaten up and some dismissed from work.

I have not committed a sin against those that persecute me, this persecution can be in the line for an Oscar nomination for best fiction.

I want the world to know that if I die today, it is not the will of God but the will of the one with access to state human resources that can eliminate without hesitation and on the instruction.

They don’t hide, they tell me they are “sorry”, his lawyer tells me that he is “sorry” and sends his wife to see me in my current home, to tell me that he has tried his best and “claims” that he has come under fire from his client because of wanting to reason with him, telling me that he is adamant and has become an animal.

If I am exterminated today, I want the world to know the truth, it is my prayer for God to review the truth and preserve my life.

I have been denied access to my children that are minors for the last 2 years and have also not spoken to them, children aged 10, 9 and 7, I don’t know if they are still alive or if they are dead because all access has been blocked.

I just hear from the grapevine that they were being sexually abused and verbally abused by the maid that was given custody of them, the same maid that has taken me to court, I am in pain and my health deteriorating because of the amount of torture that I am receiving from the other side.

I will not mention the things that are before the courts but the issue of my children was dismissed by the Supreme Court.

I was given custody of my children by the High Court which is the custodian of all minor children in Zimbabwe according to our “Constitution” and was thrown out the door by the above, same Superior court dismissed Frank Buyanga’s appeal to deny his wife access to their minor son and ordered to bring him back.

I am have been dubbed a drug addict by the one that introduced them to me as he was taking them, is it possible for me to have been doing that with him just observing, who was administering, even those that work with him know that he is the biggest user of opioids including his deputy in the health department.

I have approached the current many times, he has done nothing and has completely ignored me, citing reasons that his subordinate does not take instructions from him, who is the boss now???

If E.D.M wanted to help me, he would have done so, a long time ago because he knows there is no grain of truth in all these fabrications, he has put me out in the open to be terminated, he promised vehicles, security, accommodation since I am being denied access to my homes and all my bulletproof vehicles taken from me, money and all but Absolutely Nothing.

His private doctor E.D.M even advised him 18 months ago to send me outside the country for my hands to be operated and he completely ignored it, my own President can’t save me, ELIMINATION IS AT MY DOORSTEP.


I will write again if the opportunity arises, I think I am being persecuted for “operation restore legacy”, the truth will be revealed come rain and come thunder. God help me… I am suffering.


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    Dr Ace Mukadota PhD 1 year ago

    Comrade Marry ‘Marujata’ Chiwenga it would appear the shoe is on the other foot now. Once before you used to lord it over all and sundry while you were under the army commander.