I’ll kick “them” out: #mugabe

via I’ll kick them out: Mugabe – DailyNews Live by Gift Phiri  28 MARCH 2014

President Robert Mugabe yesterday attacked the State media for using extraordinary measures to impose a media blackout on retired Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono, saying he would kick out those responsible.

Mugabe was speaking after touring Gono’s highly-mechanised Donnington Farm in Norton.

He said  the “Press” has embarked on a campaign to stifle Gono, which he said started with unofficial censorship and self-censorship, and quickly evolved into open gagging of the Senator-designate by State media outlets.

“And kuPress, they tell me some of them that they are not allowed to print anything that has to do with VaGono and say izvi ndezvaVaGono (this was done by Gono),” Mugabe said. “Ahhh, why not? Ndingade kumuziva iyeye anonzi ari kudaro (I would like to know who is saying that).

“I visited this project, I am happy with what I have seen and I wish that many of our people could come and learn how Dr Gono and Mai (Mrs) Gono have put this together. But also perhaps even try to discuss with him, even to be assisted how to run small chicken projects in our various places. He is ready to do that.

“Since when did he become the enemy of the party and of government? Ah hameno (I don’t know). So the Press, Press, Press, Press, if indeed you have been instructed not to write your articles and say what you have seen is a project yaVaGono (Gono’s) and say only you have seen some project by a Zimbabwean,  I would want you to,  if you are going to write about this, and say the president, yes, visited VaGono naMai Gono kuproject yavo yekuno semaitiro andagara ndichiita gore ne gore (…Gono and his wife at his I’ll kick them out: project as I do year in year out). VaGono ndivo vandavhakachira (I have visited Gono). No other person.

“If anyone says you should not have written their names, come and tell me and that person will get my boot on his backside. No and we don’t want to be doing that to each other.

“But we don’t want also this clandestine secret way of going at each other and avoiding each other.

“Hanzi vangatitorere mabasa. Vanokutorerai mabasa api? Mune mabasa enyu amakapiwa nani? Handiti ndini ndakavapa ini (They say he will get their jobs. What job? Who gave you those jobs. Isn’t it me who gave you those jobs?) Anywhere there it is, we work together.”

Mugabe’s remarks have fuelled speculation that Gono  is the favourite to be named Zimbabwe’s new Finance minister in an impending reshuffle with the economic crisis flaring and investors scrutinising Zimbabwe’s widening deficit.

Gono is a disciple of Mugabe who revels in steering the economy through sanctions-induced difficulties.

Gono resigned as governor in Zimbabwe’s  central bank in December at the end of his second five-year term, with Charity Dhliwayo stepping in as acting governor.

Gono, born in November 1959, was appointed to head the central bank in December 2003 from the CBZ Bank like his successor John Mangudya and said he took the job because he relished the challenge.

Gono was re-appointed as Central Bank governor for a second five-year term in November 2008, a term which expired in December.

Mugabe said Gono was appointed to head the central bank because of his success story in turning around the CBZ bank.

“He worked with us for a long time, CBZ ndovakaimutsa, vakauya takavaita (he revived it and we) appoint(ed him) governor of the (central) bank, 10 years, the last five years, not very good because of the GNU tinozviziva (we know), we all know what the problem was,” Mugabe said.

The 90-year-old Zanu PF leader said Gono was a businessman of note who borrowed money to finance his farming and fast-growing chicken industry.

“He borrowed money for the project even though he was in the Reserve Bank, he was also a borrower,” Mugabe said.

“He still owes. But he will pay, he has the capacity to pay, that’s what happens in business. If you owe and you have no capacity to pay, ah, then you must liquidate, you see. And so let’s learn  a few lessons from him. He wants this knowledge to get to others.”

Mugabe described Gono as “business minded”

“Mai Gono tinotenda, zvikanganwahama tazvidya zvakawanda, hatikukanganwei (We ate a lot of gizzards, we won’t forget you) in spite of that. Zvinoita kuti tirambe tichikuyeukai (We will continue to remember you),” Mugabe said.

Gono said he was ready to move in and help those who have been unable to utilise their farms.

“Those of our colleague landowners who may not  have been able for one reason or another to be able to farm to the full this year, we have gone offshore, so to speak, offshore meaning outside the boundaries of our farms, to get close to 4-5 thousand hectares to try and make sure we fully utilise our land, so we hope next year, we do three, four times that.

“Not that we are encouraging people not to be serious about farming, but whoever is not able to utilise their farm we are there to move in for maximum utilisation,” Gono said.



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    roving ambassador. 8 years ago

    I think its about that time again in Zanu when someone gets bumped off. Its getting hot.
    The old goon is busy attending to his loyal servants whilst the nation bleeds.
    Just like Pompey, the feasting went on even when the volcano was rumbling.
    The idiocy defies logic.

  • comment-avatar
    tafirenyika itai 8 years ago

    Zimbabweans beware Gono is coming, hurry up take all your monies from the banks, the guy can do anything to prop up the regime.

  • comment-avatar
    Johann 8 years ago

    What is all this babble about. lets challenge Gono to bring back the “Buy focal” zim dollar, There is no greater enemy of the state than those in power right now, they bank their ill gotten loot in far away places and are/will be insulated from the collapse they are concocting.

  • comment-avatar
    Druzhba 8 years ago

    Hapana nyaya apa. Adhara arikungovavata apa ruzhinji rwevanhu rwuri kutamba chepamusoro.

    Chimuko hapana.

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    ndokumanya brain manje.Mugabe enda Tokwe Mkosi undoona nhamo iriko.Benzi chairo, kupengera zvagono, a millionaire uchisiya varombo vakasara vasina kana chipeneti.Hanzi dzinonanzvana dzakakora, kana tobwereketa chokwedu

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    Too late now guys. Zimbabwe will be totally bankrupt very soon but don’t cry. You,having done NOTHING deserve what you get. Enjoy the squalor,starvation and hopelessness that you have brought upon yourselves.You have allowed a handful of totally corrupt evil sods to destroy a once beautiful,fertile country full of hope for all the people to become what it is today.
    God help you all.

  • comment-avatar
    wensil 8 years ago

    This is the problem. Now you hear Mugabe and all you hear from him is talking about the trivial issues while the big issues are not being addressed.

    He is better suited for a ceremonial president where he can focus on weddings, birthdays and chicken farms and all the gossip.

    Zimbabwe at this moment in time needs a hands-on leader who understands the current problems affecting the country at large and is siezed with that. Unfortunately Mugabe is not that kind of president and therefore the Zim problems will continue unabated.

  • comment-avatar
    Madlanduna 8 years ago

    We chembere you want to kick the one who tells the truth leaving your looters ,yes you only run to gatherings for only one purpose to talk about GNU sanctions

  • comment-avatar
    Vukani Madoda 8 years ago

    If there was any doubt about our leader-there we have it.To be honest,what nonsense is this-zimbabweans have better things in their mind-this is senile paranoia-the man needs treatment

  • comment-avatar
    Mlimo 8 years ago

    When you’re sleeping with graceless and making her happy I am sure the senile creature would also be happy just shows how stupid this man is Gono stolen millions to finance his venture and we won’t see the money paid back

  • comment-avatar
    Antonio delgado 8 years ago

    Does bob know Gono was porking dis-grace behind his back?
    haha, he does now….

    • comment-avatar
      Zeezee 8 years ago

      someone has to keep the queen happy as Mugabe probably sleeps on the job!

  • comment-avatar
    Mprang 8 years ago

    I guese Gono is the next president Successor of Mugabe

    • comment-avatar
      Promise 8 years ago

      You are enlightened my friend! Very few can see that. True indeed!

  • comment-avatar
    Rwendo 8 years ago

    Politics in ZANU. Gono and Moyo used to preen each other’s feathers before the Tsholotsho fall out. They both seemed to be banking on Ngwena for president.

    Now we recently saw Moyo defending Chinamasa as Finance Minister and (from what Mugabe loudly informs us) using the government media to block Mugabe’s plans for Gono.

  • comment-avatar
    The Mind Boggles 8 years ago

    These things used to pain me but having left a year ago I’ve finally lifted myself from the depression and find the old man hysterical , my ribs hurt laughing at Zim. What a clown of a state!!

  • comment-avatar
    Rwendo 8 years ago

    And after seeing how much Mubarak and Gaddafi stole and stashed outside the country, these two are bound to have been galvanized and busy (the recent allegations that the two of them diverted Gaddafi’s stash in Zimbabawe come to mind).

    Sharing financial beds…at the least.

  • comment-avatar
    Dzatsva 8 years ago

    kurumbidza n`anga neinovata mai.LOook at them all looters,grace gono mpofu saviour chombo,they got rich overnight ,thieves and headless so called head of state praises,ko makudo ndimamwe zvee,i don`t admire thieves

  • comment-avatar
    Mixed Race 8 years ago

    Let us hear comments from @Apolitical on this sensitive issue.How are we expected to run businesses when all our life savings went missing within an hour caused by this so-called great man?

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  • comment-avatar
    Mthwakazi 8 years ago

    All talk and no action. Useless devil.

  • comment-avatar
    ndaizviziva 8 years ago

    Gono killed a number of zimbos through his policies during hs tym as a defacto prime minister disguised as a central bank chief, zimbos b warned once confirmed to b min of fin take out all ur savings frm e banking system

  • comment-avatar


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    johnson@yahoo.com 8 years ago


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      Yes Gono did the impossible.he miraculously made us all multimillionaires in a nonperforming economy.Sure bring back Gono so he can start printing bearers cheques and we can become millionaires again. Oh happy happy days. ..

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    Who kicked you out when you barred ZBC to cover Tsvangirayi’s campaign rallies. NONSENSE. Asi muriku negotiater naamai Gono here kuti vachazenge vave na amainini kana akugara nhaka. Ndino funga mazviona kuti vana havazofi nenzara nekuti zvikanganwa hama zviri tii. Even matumbu vano kuvara nawo vana Chatunga kana vave kuchengetwa nadad Gideon. plus every weekend they can afford kuuya kuzokushanyirai pamunenge maiswa. Its very close.

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    Liberator 8 years ago

    My warning that l am giving to fellow Zimbabweans is to take all their money from the banks. My warning is quantified and qualified, whoever leaves a single dollar in the bank will lose it. Gono is coming back as Minister of finance, and this time he has a different strategy to loot money for Zanu pf. Around 2008, he looted from the Banks that were antiZanu under the guise of charging the owners of banks for externalization. This time he is going to take everything for all antiZanu people with money in banks. A law is being finalized right now which will be implemented by Gono as soon as he is minister of finance which is soon. This law will target all bank account holders with 1000 USD and above to prove beyond doubt the source of their income. ZIMRE will also compare tax paid by the account holder for period and see if its tying with amount in Bank. ZIMRE will get from the banks all the deposit and withdrawal activities of the bank owner. If any irregularities are found ZIMRE will demand tax payments or face arrests. Only solders and police will be immune to this exercise. All the money collected will be used to pay solders and other civil services. Please Zimbabweans take all your money from the banks now whilst you can. Any time from now, your accounts will be frozen.

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    Tongoona 8 years ago

    Mr President, encourage press to cover opposition political parties of note instead of an individual like Gono very distrusted by the majority of Zimbabweans. Ma News people musatenderedzwe musoro nevaviri vanemweya wekutora zvisiri zvavo. Gono had a fair share of news coverage why should Mr President want to prop him more than is normal. Kuisa Gono pahu Minister of Finance, zvakafanana nekuisa gonzo mudura. He left RBZ for bad reasons and you now want him to ruin the exchequer. Ndezve ruzhinji izvi, ruzhinji rwati Gono kwete pane zvemari.

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    Let him kick EU out!

  • comment-avatar

    kkkkkkkkk .action speaks louder than words . Til u wake up , this hocus pocus is gonna haunt u for decades .