Economy taking Zanu PF to the cleaners

via Economy taking Zanu PF to the cleaners – Nehanda Radio Mar 27, 2014 By Itai Dzamara

It is the beginning of an end to the Zanu PF regime’s cat and mouse games with civil servants.

This month Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa will scrounge, scrap and muddle through. He will put pieces together and eventually pay all civil servants even going into the third week.

However, even a magician or miracle performers can’t continue like that. It has reached boiling point and not even Nikuv could fix it.

Yet, the story of civil servants and the looming disaster over their salaries is just a microcosm of a gigantic scandal of economic redundance and deflation.

The mouthpieces of the regime are running out of steam and spin, simply because just everything is downward and negative about the economy.

The recent snub by the touted closest ally of the regime, China over a major financial bail-out all but sealed the fate of a foolish dictator called Robert Mugabe.

For, the crucial first step out of the quagmire should have been a major financial bail-out. Now that even China can’t come through, Mugabe must eat his heart all the way to his huge grave he has been digging for over three decades.

But more importantly and beyond the fool at state house, the economy is giving a thorough bashing to the entire Zanu PF regime, and its acolytes.

The economy is shaming fools that masquarade as learned individuals but were deployed by a murderous dictator to barbarically steal elections.

Yes, the economy is exposing and shaming one Rita Makarau and others that thought they could fool everyone and get away with it forever.

For, the direction taken by the economy is a direct consequence of the massive fraud of 31 July 2013, which they tried to pass for an election.

The economy is showing the symbolic middle finger to a team of judiciary administrators that chose to abet and endorse the national farce clumsily plotted by Mugabe, under various guises and ruses.

I predicted in August last year, and continued to reaffirm that the Zanu PF regime would go down on its knees because of the dire consequences of the electoral fraud. I reiterate that there won’t be a way out of this hole other than only doing the right thing, and that is climbing down and undoing the theft of last year.

Very unfortunate that this is a situation dragging the lives of millions into gloom and doom. However, it probably was inevitable and necessary to expose and shame the hypocrisy, frailty and deception of Robert Mugabe and his gang.

My assessment shows that the dictator is still delusional and in denial about the disaster he is presiding over, posing real dangers about what the situation may snowball into.

There is a real danger of things getting out of control and sparking massive social unrest. The deeper the crisis over salaries gets, the more the nation edges closer to a possible catastrophe.

I find the situation at the barracks to be already tense and waiting for a slight pull of the trigger to cause trouble.

I hear a lot of nonsensical claims that Mugabe doesn’t care, but l believe he does. I have seen enough to believe that he does, but is foolish and that has made him make a litany of stupid, disastrous decisions.

Among the worst of them was the thugish manner he chose to end the Government of National Unity and crash the whole nation into the circus of a stolen election.

Aided by the fawning acolytes and crooks planted at strategic places, Mugabe thought he had gotten home and dry and would easily get away with it.

Unknown to him and his hangers on, there was always the decisive, delicate and realistic animal called the national economy – which won’t be rigged, intimidated nor spinned by Jonathan Moyo.

It is, the economy, taking the foolish dictator to the cleaners and set to bury him in shame of failure and condemnation – the more he remains headstrong and arrogant the worst it gets.

And, as if by demonic curse, his crowd marches behind, following the now toxic corpse into the grave.

Itai Dzamara is a Zimbabwean journalist based in Harare



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    roving ambassador. 8 years ago

    Well said Dzamara, So is the need to organise a more credible opposition . Tsvangirai is more interested in keeping Mugabe in power.
    We need to regroup now with a more credible leadership with new ideas .
    The time is ripe.
    Zimbabwe wake up.

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    Zunde is the answer. Visit them on Let’s all rally behind Zunde. They need our support.

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    Jono Austin 8 years ago

    They have looted at scales unprecedented especially when hyperinflation existed. That destroyed Zimbabwe due to the printing of money which was given to the comrades. The GNU brought some sanity but now zanu are hoist by their own petard. They are such idiots that they never realised that the GNU was good for them as they still controlled the levers of power but with an acceptable international (junior) partner providing some sanity. Zanu’s demise started ironically by ‘winning’ last years elections. They are now totally exposed for the beasts they are. The mask has been ripped off and it is a very ugly sight.

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    muchadura 8 years ago

    Stupid Zims, is tsvangirai in power who every tom and dick of zim like t bash.why are u scared of the real culprit who has destroyed the economy.Zims think by insulting tsvangirai its gona make the ZANU pf regime go,Sry u are making it more powerful.salary gate and all those ZANU pf scandal no zim says anything but a small thing by tsvangirai all hell breaks loose like he is the president of fr thought

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    Daddy Chikos 8 years ago

    The Chinese have been observing high levels of corruption taking place at high places especially ministerial level which is draining national coffer with the blame being shifted on sanctions without any arrests or prosecution.On the contrary in their system they deal with corruption from the executive to wanachi.Them refusing to bail us out is because of their experience with our way of covering up big corruption executive initiated.It’s like they feel they are giving out money for individuals to squander.

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    Peter tosh 8 years ago


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    Mseyamwa 8 years ago

    Zims are just a bunch of followers and are too smart to take the bull by the horns by themselves. They are always in search of messiahs. That one person willing to sacrifice himself for them while they remain in comfort and with a chance to enjoy the outcome of his sacrifice. There is a great analysis of the problems in the country, in ZANU, in the MDC but the only solutions offered are to change individual leaders of these formations. People are not even willing to pay subscriptions to support the party or messiah in his push for a national agenda but want to see change. History hss shown that mugabe is able to crush organized opposition efforts using state machinery.
    Why don’t people help out? Why don’t they valur their freedom enough to personally seek it. It will be long before Tsvangirai or any other opposition leader dislodges ZANU without the active participation of the masses. There is no public anger against the massive corruption, not even a single demonstration on the streets. People need to show their displeasure at the situation pertaining in thr economy and all other facets of life. Mugabe uses the quiet submisdion of the people to nee lows to fool external parties that his people are happy. After all it’s only the external forces that he needs to placate, whom he fears might actually force him out of ofgice or whose admiration and support he cares not to lose, for the people he oppresses have plumped into submission and will never give him a cause for worry.

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    Fallenz 8 years ago

    Does anyone recall 2008..? Remember how dire things were..? Remember..?

    Nothing on the store shelves. A small pack of vanilla wafers US$28. Army units rioting for lack of pay. Cholera.

    We had hope the situation would awaken everyone and trigger change… but nothing. Zim rolled over and went back to sleep.

    Here we are again. There are goods, but who has any money. No payroll. No business to provide jobs, brain-drain, no investment due to ZANUPF policy. Infrastructure in tatters. Electricity and water intermittent. Government coffers empty due to theft and corruption.

    Zim hit the “snooze button” last time… what will happen this time..???