Leopard Rock Hotel
Leopard Rock Hotel

One of Zimbabwe’s premier resorts — the Leopard Rock Hotel in Vumba, Manicaland Province — has been invaded by illegal settlers who are allegedly disrupting business and causing environmental degradation.

The hotel, situated 33 km south-east of the eastern border city of Mutare, is run by foreign nationals since 2014 and is famous for its golf course on which people from all over the world have played.

However, it is understood that the investors are mulling a temporary closure of their 10 million U.S. dollar project until the dust settles.

The government on Friday warned the illegal settlers to vacate the hotel premises or face eviction.

“It has come to the attention government there is some illegal land invasion around part of Leopard Rock Hotel property.

“This has caused some disruption of business in addition to causing some environmental damage. Law enforcement services have been made aware of this lawlessness and are finalizing plans to restore law and order,” said government spokesperson Nick Mangwana.

He said the settlers should vacate the premises or face forced removal.

“We remain committed to provide the landless Zimbabweans with land in an orderly manner respecting the law and property rights,” he added. Enditem