‘IMF projections accurate’ 

Source: ‘IMF projections accurate’ | The Sunday Mail

‘IMF projections accurate’

Sunday Mail Reporter

MDC-T treasurer-general Dr Tapiwa Mashakada has described the 6 percent economic growth forecast by International Monetary Fund (IMF) for Zimbabwe this year as “spot on”, and implored the United States, Britain and the European Union to lift sanctions on Harare.

The Government, he said, has done well to weather the fallout from Cyclone Idai in March 2019 and the current coronavirus pandemic.

“The IMF assessment of the economic rebound is spot on. The IMF staff team led by Mr (Dhaneshwar) Ghura have done proper due diligence on the Zimbabwean economy and I am encouraged by the economic turnaround which is palpable. I urge Government to stay the reform course and continue to deepen macroeconomic and structural reforms,” said Dr Mashakada in a statement.

Growth could have been better, he added, had it not been for sanctions which continue to encumber economic growth efforts.

“I want to take this opportunity to urge the international community to unconditionally lift the economic embargo imposed on Zimbabwe in order to allow the country to move forward unencumbered or hamstrung by these restrictive measures.

“Furthermore, I plead for a social contract between business, labour and civil society to ensure that the prevailing economic recovery is irreversible. Economic policies must empower youth and women.”

The Government expects growth to top 7,4 percent.