Women should take up leadership positions: Minister Mutsvangwa

Source: Women should take up leadership positions: Minister Mutsvangwa | The Sunday Mail

Women should take up leadership positions: Minister Mutsvangwa

Sunday Mail Reporter

INFORMATION, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa has implored women to take up leadership positions in the revolutionary party ZANU PF.

Speaking at the ZANU PF Manicaland Provincial Coordinating Committee meeting in Mutare yesterday, Minister Mutsvangwa, who is also the ruling party’s national Women’s League secretary for administration, said by virtue of outnumbering males in Zimbabwe’s population, women need to assert themselves in leadership positions.

“There are going to be by-elections that are coming soon and we would have wanted as many women candidates as possible to represent the ruling party. Women make up 52 percent of the population so they should not be left behind in taking leadership positions.”

She said Manicaland province should aim to lure 700 000 voters for the 2023 elections, as part of the target to attain five million votes for the party.”

Minister Mutsvangwa said under President Mnangagwa’s leadership, Zimbabwe has recorded multiple achievements that cannot be ignored.

“The party that is being led by President Mnangagwa is implementing its vision and as party members we should spread this message. We have detractors that always want to focus on the negative only. The economy is under the safe hands of the revolutionary party. We have a restoration of the legacy of the revolutionary party. The economy is moving so well. The monetary and the fiscal side are both doing well. Both the IMF and the WB are lauding the GDP growth that our ZANU PF Government has achieved. The country has addressed inflation, there were detract that wanted to use inflation for regime change.”

She added:

“The progress made by the Second Republic is extensive. We have enough electricity. Come 2025, we are going to be exporting electricity. We used to h ave challenges with fuel queues, but look now, these have disappaeared. This is all down to the astute leadership of President Mnangagwa,” she said.