Interfresh drags ZETDC to court 

Source: Interfresh drags ZETDC to court | The Herald October 22, 2019

Interfresh drags ZETDC to court

Fungai Lupande Senior Court Reporter
Interfresh Limited has dragged the  Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) to the High Court demanding a reversal of over $300 000 erroneously levied on its account last year.

The firm claims $342 376, 28 is its debt waived by ZETDC in 2013 through an administrative debt relief programme initiated by Government.

Interfresh Limited also wants a refund of $15 173, 69 which ZETDC deducted from its purchases of electricity towards payment of the erroneously levied charge and interest as at September 30, 2019.

Interfresh Limited is seeking an order compelling a refund of any future deductions which ZETDC will make towards payment of the erroneously levied charge and interest.

In the summons, Interfresh says it holds accounts with ZETDC for the supply of electricity at various points of supply.

“Sometime in 2013, the defendant waived the plaintiff’s debt of $342 376, 28 in terms of the administrative debt relief programme initiated by the Government,” read the summons.

“In August 2018, the defendant then erroneously levied a charge on the plaintiff’s accounts in the sum of $342 376, 28, being the waived debt, which was no longer owed to them.”

Resultantly, the levied charge started to generate interest from September 2018 to date, they said.

ZETDC started deducting from Interfresh’s purchases of electricity to settle the charge levied together with interest with a total of $15 173, 69 having been deducted as at September 30, 2019, read the papers.

Interfresh Limited claims ZETDC is not entitled to payment of the waived debt of $342 376, 28 levied on their accounts and the $15 173, 69 deducted from their electricity purchases.

“The defendant has thus been enriched unjustly at the expense of the plaintiff,” says Interfresh Limited. “Despite demand from the plaintiff, the defendant has failed and refused to reverse the charge of $342 376, 28 erroneously levied on the Plaintiff’s accounts and to credit the Plaintiff’s accounts with the deducted amount of $15 173, 69.”