Is the Canadian Bodog casino serious or a scam?

Bogod is an online casino and bookmaker that allows people to place bets on sporting activities and also on casino games. It is there are no additional costs and a player gets lots of bonuses. New players also have a chance to get a bonus of up to €200 to help them win in the bets. The bookmark offers betting on casino, sports and horse racing games. It can be described as an all-round bookmark. This article will feature the casino aspect of the game. But first, there is a list of the pros and cons of bogod.


● The old and new customers get a bonus and up to €200 for the new ones
● You can pick on a wide variety of sports to place your bet on
● Offers a full coverage on horse races
● The odds of the games are shown in many different formats


● The major disadvantage to this bookmaker is that there is no mobile application of it at the moment.

What the gambling provider has to offer

This casino offers a wide selection of casino games from traditional ones like blackjack to more modern games. You can also get your hands on the popular slot game machines as well. All of these games are played in real-time. Where all the actions or moves made can be seen as they are in progress. This helps when it comes to transparency. No one will steal your money because you see every move that is being played. This further adds to why Bogod is not a scam. Famous slot game machines like Derby Dollars and Shamrock Isle are available on Bogod. The bookmarks as mentioned earlier has blackjack, but not just any old game of blackjack, rather, it comes with up to nine types of popular games. The games range from Zappit to Single Deck Blackjack games these games can only be played from a legit casino.

However, blackjack is not the only table game. Bogod has over 20 table games. They include roulette baccarat, craps, and good old poker just to name a few. Poker is a whole game on its own and also divided into different types of it. At Bogod there are over 15 different types of poker as well. Apart from these traditional game types, there are other unique games like Bingo and Keno offered at Bogod, from the information above it is easy to see that no one will lack a single game to play. Bogod has a very wide selection of casino games suited for everyone.

Live playing

If you are a person who loves the rush of a live game, then Bogod is the platform for you. You can play live with an authorized dealer. You can choose any game from a wide array of them. You need to be fast because only seven seats are given out. This applies to the table games, however. You are allowed to pick any seat from the table. The live casino games can be enjoyed on the official Bogod website. You can play on any device that can connect to the internet. Unfortunately, no mobile application has been developed for Bogod. The connection is fast and the website is bug-free with all this you can enjoy the game of your choice. All these platforms give you all the options live playing is what many players like because of the adrenaline rush.

From the many different games on this casino shows that Bogod strives to include everyone. You will not lack a game to play and place a bet on. The live games give a player the opportunity to place your odds before the start of the match to keep the game more interesting. They have excellent customer service as well. Any question you might have is immediately addressed by them. You do not have to wait for long to get a response from them. The impressive selection of games is what makes Bogod a beloved casino bookmark. You can find more information and an in-depth review on

After discussing on the Bogod Casino game, we will have a feel of the Bogod website

Bonus offers

As earlier discussed, Bogod has a fantastic offer on bonuses, a new customer can get up to €200 on bonuses while a player who is already a customer can win one of up to €600. These bonuses help when making deposits to your account. However, not everyone is entitled to a free bonus. There are some requirements a player has to meet. They are very strict ones. This makes them hard to achieve but very desirable as well as making Bogod loved by Canada. The rules are available on


The website has a pretty standard look. There is nothing major about its appearance. It does not immediately catch the eye of the potential or customer. It has the sports offered listed. It is very easy to navigate through. The standard look makes it easy to access though it is basic. The regular look will make a lot of potential customers overlook it because there is nothing that draws it to them. There are a lot of hidden gems in Bogod but the look of it gives people negative impressions about the website in general. Only when they take their time to assess it do they discover it is what they have been looking for in casino platforms. It has all the moves and a variety of games to enjoy.


Here payments are in two ways. Deposits and withdrawals. You can make deposits to your account through different cards that include, MasterCard, visas, debit cards and most recently through the fast-growing bitcoin. It has also been made possible to deposit via direct money transfer. When withdrawing, the only methods available are through bitcoin and also by a cheque which you can cash. When withdrawing you can have your money in 1 or 2 days.

Customer service

From the information above it is evident that the workforce behind Bogod is very dedicated to the work that they do. They never leave a query unanswered. The customer service team is highly responsive. The team works 24/7 so the customers will find someone to answer questions or someone ready to assist. They will always act on any complaints and try as much as possible to make it right. You can reach customer care through emails. They also have a phone number that is totally free. You are not charged to use it. They have a platform with their customers where any complaints are shared and dealt with. This is another thing that assures you that this platform is legit they are also registered and is a legal casino that you can visit their site anytime play .bet, get lucky and win.


To conclude, it is evident that Bogod is not a scam. It is one of the leading casinos in Canada. They have real-time games proving that it is more than transparent. The wide game selection makes it popular to the majority of Canada and lastly, the customer services are impeccable to place bets on your favourite games this is the place to play any time you feel like.