Is Zimbabwe’s deafening silence on Palestinians’ bombardment instructive of regime’s long-standing lovey-dovey relationship with Israel? 

Ever since the relentless bombardment on the Palestinian territory of Gaza was ruthlessly unleashed by the Israeli regime on Monday 10 May 2021,

Source: Is Zimbabwe’s deafening silence on Palestinians’ bombardment instructive of regime’s long-standing lovey-dovey relationship with Israel? – The Zimbabwean

Tendai Ruben Mbofana

I have been patiently awaiting a statement of condemnation from our own Zimbabwe government, as an establishment that has always touted itself as an “all weather friend” to the people of Palestine – even endorsing the regular continental solidarity statements issued by the African Union (AU).

However, a good five days later, I am still waiting for that unequivocal strong message from Zimbabwe authorities.

I have also been listening attentively for any rumblings from the usually highly toxic pro-regime social media trolls, who never miss an opportunity to spew their vitriolic venom whenever Western countries, or the local opposition (particularly, the MDC Alliance), are accused or any rights violations, or involved in embarrassing behavior.

Again, deafening silence all round.

Is the Zimbabwe regime more angered by the killing of one person – George Floyd (who was cold-bloodedly choked to death by a United States of America [US] police officer last year – who has since been tried and found guilty on all charges leveled against him, and is awaiting sentencing), whereby, we witnessed a circus of abuse and ridiculing mostly by regime-aligned proponents, largely on social media – yet, not at all concerned over the ruthless massacring of 140 Palestinians (including, children), since Monday, by the Israelis, and the injuring of an even greater number?

The answer is, “Yes”.

Interestingly, the US (the country Zimbabwean authorities persistently accuse of imposing “crippling economic sanctions” against them, in order to incite an illegal regime change), is also the number one sponsor and defender of the Israeli entity.

Of course, I am not particularly surprised, let alone shocked, by such an indifferent stance by the Zimbabwe regime.

I am not sure if they teach this at the Chitepo School of Ideology – in their avowed quest to “teach” the citizenry our country’s history, in order to inculcate “patriotism” – but, the close ties between the ruling ZANU PF party and the Israelis dates back to the liberation struggle.

As a matter of fact, we could safely say that, the Israeli regime is as much a long-standing “all weather friend” of ZANU PF, as the Chinese and Russians.

Let those frequent (and, usually meaningless) solidarity AU messages, nor the establishment of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) representative’s offices in Harare, soon after Zimbabwe attained its political independence in 1980, not fool anyone – as the Harare administration has always been closer to Tel Aviv, than the Palestinians, whom they have occupied, subjugated, and brutalized since the 1948 forceful formation of the Jewish state in Palestine.

An occupation that most reputable international rights organizations (such as, the United Nations Human Rights Council, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch) have accurately characterized as “apartheid” and “ethnic cleansing”, which has left millions, either displaced from their ancestral land (living in foreign countries and refugee camps for generations), their homes regularly destroyed, frequently bombarded or shot dead in cold blood, and incarcerated for months or years without a single trial (so-called administrative detention)… heinous acts that the International Criminal Court (ICC) is currently investigating, as possible war crimes, or crimes against humanity.

For those who may not know this – including, those who wasted all that precious time being brainwashed and indoctrinated at the Chitepo School of Ideology – some of ZANU PF’s offices (notably, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) during the time they were busy fighting the colonial settler regime in Rhodesia, were actually being paid for by the Israeli government.

Furthermore, numerous credible reports have come out, pointing to the Israelis’ sinister involvement in Zimbabwe’s electoral processes – which, have been allegedly rigged ever since independence, worsening after the establishment of the main opposition MDC in 1999 – as well as, the setting up of an elaborate spying system in the country, targeted at perceived rivals and opponents of the Harare authorities’ insatiable greed for power, ruinous administration, and corruption.

On top of all this, the so-called “new dispensation” not-so-long-ago appointed an emissary to Israeli, who has been at the forefront of solidifying the relations between the two countries.

I have always asked myself – does Zimbabwe even have a foreign policy, or are they so desperate for international recognition (especially, after the undoubtedly illegal and treasonous military coup d’etat in November 2017) that they would lamely support anything and anyone, even when they butcher innocent and unarmed men, women, and children?

Come to think of it, this is a pretty foolish question – as, how on the planet, can anyone expect a regime notorious for its barbarity, savagery, and cold-hearted massacring of its own innocent and unarmed men, women, and children be seen condemning a like-minded country?

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