Japanese Used Car Exporting Companies: The Comparison

You might have noticed that more used vehicles are being imported from Japan over the last few years. Japanese used vehicles are now in fact more popular than ever before, and statistics show that 714,808 units were exported from Japan in 2003, and as many as 1,163,109 units were exported in 2013. That’s an increase of 448,301 units in just the last 10 years.

So just who are these Japanese used car exporters? What kind of businesses do they run, and how do they sell?

B2B Sales. Business sales between Japanese and overseas companies.

Overseas companies specify orders to Japanese companies. Japanese companies then try to purchase corresponding vehicles by bidding on over ten thousand units that are put out on auction by various auction houses in Japan every day. The Japanese companies take a cut in agent fee, and the vehicles are then shipped.

The only issue with this method is that, due to the nature of business to business deals, the condition of the vehicles is as specified through communications, and not as seen. It is therefore not recommended to non-business consumers.

B2C Sales. Sales between businesses and end-users (customers).

This form of sales is mainly done via Japanese used car websites. Japanese businesses list their vehicles on these sites for end-users to see and check the vehicles on offer. Unlike B2B sales, the conditions of vehicles can be seen in finer detail, so you are able to make your purchase with a bigger, more comprehensive picture of the vehicles. You can also see what the total (CIF) price is to your nearest port, so it is very easy and convenient to find the vehicle that fits your budget and needs. With more people getting “connected” to the net every day from Africa to South America, and Southeast Asia to smaller islands around the world, this method is now more popular than ever.

You might at this point be wondering, which site should I visit to purchase my Japanese used car? Several famous websites spring to mind at this point, namely BE FORWARD.JP, Japanesevehicles.com, tradecarview, and CardealPage.

The first two companies sell mainly their “own stock” vehicles. Most (if not all) of their vehicles are owned by them, and these are sold to their customers.

The other two companies are portal websites like eBay, and they list vehicles that are owned by various Japanese exporting companies. A very notable point about CardealPage is that you can also purchase vehicles directly from local Japanese dealers, i.e. before they are put out on Japanese auctions. You save the middle-man costs this way, enabling you to purchase quality Japanese used vehicles at a lower price, with a very detailed and clear picture of what you are purchasing. Furthermore, you can see all the vehicles offered by very many companies all via one site, which means you save money and time when selecting your vehicle.

Are you looking to import a vehicle? It’s very worthwhile checking CardealPage for that dream car. It’s quick to compare, saves you time and, most importantly, money.

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