Mnangagwa feigns surprise at promotion

via Mnangagwa feigns surprise at promotion 16/12/2014

VICE president Emmerson Mnangagwa on Tuesday claimed that his appointment “came as a surprise” in a claim unlikely to be believed by Zimbabweans.

In an interview with ZTV shown on the main evening news bulletin, Mnangagwa said there were “many other deserving candidates who could have qualified for the post”.

Nicknamed The Crocodile, Mnangagwa is widely reported to lead a faction of the ruling party Zanu PF that has been struggling for a decade to gain the upper hand over a rival faction that was led by former vice president Joice Mujuru.

Mujuru was sacked last week by President Robert Mugabe on as yet unproven allegations she plotted to overthrow the 90-year-old Zimbabwean leader.

Mugabe’s wife Grace and state media loyal to Mnangagwa mounted a vigorous campaign against Mujuru ahead of a key party congress early this month.

Mnangagwa, who is now well-positioned to succeed Mugabe, said Zanu PF will concentrate on building its appeal for urbanites, who have long supported Zimbabwe’s opposition.

“We believe that urban Zimbabweans – we need to dialogue with them, we need to share our vision about the future with them….We are going to do some concentration and some focus in the urban areas,” he said.


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    Mr Mnangagwa should appreciate that, as VP, he is a servant of the people and not vice-versa.
    Therefore he should ask us to share OUR vision of the future with him and not to ram HIS vision down our throats.
    Unfortunately Mnangagwa is reputed to have organised the Nikuv election theft and by this has shown that he is not interested in what the people want at all.
    We wonder exactly how he intends to “share his vision” with the urban people? Murambatsvina version 2 ??

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    Codza 7 years ago

    Mr Mnangagwa please stop fooling us around!! Who the hell do you want to fool? Only those fools of your party can buy these stupid lies. You of all the people was taken by surprise at your appointment as the VP, Really? If some ZANU (PF) thugs like you are also ”surprised” at this then don’t fool yourself that all Zimbabweans are. YOU ARE A BIG LIAR Mr Crocodile!!!

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    tonyme 7 years ago

    Two lies I have noticed in a two-week period. First was that “mai Mujuru and me are real good friends”. Now it is “I was caught by surprise.” How many more are we going to hear. By the way instead of focusing on getting urbanites to ZANR, please focus on giving them water and electricity. Some parts of Harare have not seen water from tapes in four years. You have a chance to prove yourself.

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    Tjingababili 7 years ago

    Feigning to be a rock so he can catch his prey! Sly fox, he is!