Binga villagers in fear as ZPF retribution continues

via Binga villagers in fear as ZPF retribution continues | SW Radio Africa.  By Tererai Karimakwenda

Villagers in remote areas of Binga are reported to be living in fear, due to serious threats from ZANU PF activists, who are “promising” to target all MDC-T supporters when Robert Mugabe is sworn in as President.

MDC-T Councillor Million Mudenda, from the remote Chunga district, said gangs of ZANU PF members from the youth and women’s structures have been showing up at people’s homesteads, singing war songs and chanting party slogans.

“They are saying they promise to evict all of us from this area after the swearing in of Mugabe. No-one has left their homes yet but we are terrified that they will keep their promises,” Mudenda told SW Radio Africa.

Speaking from the top of a hill, the only place where he was able to get a mobile phone signal, Mudenda said he is worried because the area is so remote that there are no proper roads or easy channels of communicating with the outside. He said this would will make escaping or reporting any violent incidents difficult.

The Councillor said traditional leaders in the area, who have always supported the MDC-T, have come under increasing pressure from ZANU PF structures and are now beginning to turn a blind eye. People are taking the threats seriously and many are planning what to do if Mugabe is sworn in.

Councillor Mudenda also reported that at least three quarters of the people who voted at Sinamusanga Primary School in Binga had been given ballots with ZPF candidates already selected for them.

Post election evictions have already been carried out by ZANU PF activists in many parts of the country, including Mberengwa, Guruve, Chimanimani, Mt. Darwin, Zaka, Muzarabani, Bindura and even Mbare high density suburb in Harare.

Many MDC-T activists, especially those known to have served as polling agents, have fled from their homes in several districts countrywide.



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    Zimguard80 11 years ago

    Surely, with the so called landslide victory would a normal party be chasing the minority losers??? Therein lies the answer to ZANU – pfubvu’s electoral victory, they rigged the result to a point where they know the result is unacceptable to the other contestants, the African continent and the rest of the world. I feel pity for the shameless village thief arraigned before the world for the most daring electoral theft, it’s made in Zimbabwe by none other than Robert Mugabe the self proclaimed trickster. God bless this thieving bastard for for being very caring to Zimbabweans.

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    Kusvikazvanaka 11 years ago

    Who said Egyptians are idiots? This dictator needs a MASSIVE demonstrations in all cities. If some of us die, so be it. Mugabe is too old to be voted as a president and his rigging machinery is there for all of us to see.

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    Guvnor 11 years ago

    Brutalising and terrorising Zimbabwean citizens will not save zanu muppets from a miserable fate.