Outgoing Zimbabwe Minister Challenges Election Results

via Outgoing Zimbabwe Minister Challenges Election Results  Irwin  Chifera

HARARE — Justice Joseph Mafusire on Thursday reserved judgment in a matter in which Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office and former Mt. Pleasant legislator Jameson Timba wants the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to be allowed to open and examine election materials used in his constituency.

Timba, who lost to Zanu PF’s Jason Pasadi in the July 31 election, is alleging the ZEC announced two sets of results at the end of the election.

One of Timba’s lawyers explains that ZEC announced that 18,092 had voted while at the constituency centre it was announced that 12,165 had cast their ballots.

Timba is also alleging that there many police officers who voted in Mt. Pleasant do not reside there and wants the voters roll and other election material availed to prove the irregularities.

He wants the evidence to prepare for his election petition to invalidate the results.

But ZEC lawyers Tawanda Kanengoni and Charles Nyika are opposing Timba’s application saying it is not supposed to be before the courts.

They argue that the opening of ballot boxes and other election material can only be done for the purpose of a petition questioning or criminal prosecution.

The MDC is challenging presidential results and results in 100 national assembly constituencies.



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    super mondo 9 years ago

    before they rigged the elections they were aware of the backlash.so this judicial ignorance has been planned,all is needed is the judges to find grounds for a rerun due to obvious fraud,if they dont judge honestly then its civil unresty.

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    The fact that ZEC is challenging this transparent application for election materials strongly suggests that ZEC is complicit in some of the rigging that has been alleged.
    Let us hope that Zimbabwe’s judicial system does not fail us yet again with a blatantly partisan judgement.

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    Qiniso 9 years ago

    “One of Timba’s lawyers explains that ZEC announced that 18,092 had voted while at the constituency centre it was announced that 12,165 had cast their ballots.”
    If this is a fact, ZEC has a case to answer. This challenge is worth it

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      Charles Cutshall 9 years ago

      Mount Pleasant Mukuchamano Peter V. MDC 403 3.31%
      Mount Pleasant Passade Jaison ZANU-PF 7,945 65.31%
      Mount Pleasant Timba Jameson Zvidzai MDC-T 3,817 31.38%
      Total Votes 12,165

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    Guvnor 9 years ago

    The zanu muppets shall be buried by their own lies and deceit.

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    Trully this is worthy looking into. Or ZEC just need to confirm or deny not just send lawyers to oposse the matter. If this is true, regardless what the law say, how do we live with such. Please I hope there is some other information we do not know, but if the truth is what has been given here, then the results need to be reversed for sure. But how do we know unless there is some audit of some form?