Cabinet has its work cut out

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Mugabe’s eagerly-awaited cabinet whose announcement is imminent, has more than a mountain to climb.

There is a huge expectation amongst Mugabe’s supporters, general Zimbabweans and the business community which has been edgy since the conclusion of the disputed July 31 polls.

It’s been more than a month since the elections were concluded and by now, the direction Zimbabwe is going to take would have been much clearer, of course, with the appointment of a Cabinet.

Delays in naming the cabinet have led to rumours and at times, unwelcome speculation to the detriment of those under consideration by Mugabe.

But conjecture or no conjecture, Mugabe has to unveil a team that has the unenviable task of changing a long-held perception that his loyalists are out of touch with reality.

The damning seal stems from poor performances by previous cabinets except the one appointed during the inclusive government era.

Days of moribund policies which triggered lampoonery are gone.

Mugabe’s cabinet must have men and women whose pedigree to restore confidence both at home and internationally, is unquestionable.

The modicum of stability brought by the inclusive government must be improved on as well as coming up with policies that build on our economic growth.

Zimbabwe, in the last four years has been among the top 10 countries with growing economies.

The country needs to woo investors and improve health, water and sanitation facilities and unlock job opportunities.

But these are tied to non combative policies which historically have not been the DNA of a Zanu PF government.

Mining and agriculture need massive support to drive economic growth  while the tottering manufacturing sector needs massive capital injection.

Mugabe knows these are areas of priority and one hopes that his appointments are commensurate with the tasks of deliverables on his dashboard.

It is upon Mugabe to show support to his ministers.

History has proved that it is one thing to have competent people at the helm of government but another having them respected in their decision-making.

As long as there is no political will to support ministers and their decisions, Zimbabwe will slide towards the precipice.

But Mugabe knows that this time he has got to deliver and the new cabinet will be a clear indication of how far we can trust his decision-making in appointing men and women who are dedicated to serve Zimbabwe with distinction!