Dumped ballots should have been handed to Zanu PF – ZEC

via Dumped ballots should have been handed to Zanu PF – ZEC official tells court | The Zimbabwean.

The person who found ballot papers dumped in a dust bin at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) should have handed them over to Zanu PF not to the MDC, Tendai Pamire, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) deputy director of public relations said at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts.

This was said in court today by Pamire during cross examination by Alec Muchadehama, the defence counsel of Senator Morgen Komichi, the MDC deputy national chairperson.

Senator Komichi is on trial facing false charges of contravening the Electoral Act after he handed over to ZEC officials an envelope with marked ballot papers.

Pamire queried why the person who picked the ballot papers had decided to hand them over to Senator Komichi instead of handing them over to Zanu PF, or ZEC, which have offices closer to the HICC.

“If the person who picked up the ballots wanted to hand them over to a political party and not the police or ZEC, why did the person not go to Zanu PF, which is closer to the HICC than Harvest House?” said Pamire.

However, it was pointed out to him by the defence counsel that it was impossible and not logical for that person to do so as the ballot papers were marked in favour of the MDC and President Tsvangirai.

The ballot papers belonged to a police officer, Mugove Chiginya who was supposed to have cast his vote during the special voting exercise on July 14 and 15. However, the papers were found dumped in a dust bin at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC).

“The ZEC officials were shocked as the security at the HICC was tight. We were shocked because with that security we could not imagine that a bin full of ballots could be found,” said Pamire.

The trial continues tomorrow.



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    We are shocked, shocked I say, not that the ballots were in the dustbin, but that the dustbin was found. – Pamire

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      Dl, are you a lawyer? Your interpretation of her statements is dead right brother. He just acknowledged that the ballots were indeed real but they did not expect anyone to sing to the world about the rigging

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    Wat z it gng to help making pple fools,do wat ver u do knwing the end z arnd the cornr

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    ZANU PF should stop playing political games with people they are busy looting the country in the name of liberation Mugabe and his so called ministers are just a group of thieves and robers andlooting and intimidating zimbabweans in the name of liberation they are just no good for the people of zimbabwe the have failed.when they came into power from the bush people gave them a heroe”s welcome not knowing they were jumping from the frying pan into the fire for thirty years in power they done nothing to improve the lives of ordinary zimbabweans instead they have plunged the country into poverty zimbabwe is now number three poorest country on world list .Zimbabweans do not be fooled or intimidated by Mugabe s corrupt regime to Tsvangirai i say keep the fire burning without you nobody was going tackle this monster dont give up and to Tobaiwa Mudede you are too old to be called a thief thirty years is long enough to stop and to Robert Mugabe you are a disease a disgrace and a shame in the face of the world

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    Chikomba Chamai Jukwa 8 years ago

    This is a dead country, who in their rightful mind would entrust these idiots in Zanu (Chinamasa/Chinotimba) with their investments, please pinch me!

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    Macon Pane 8 years ago

    Liberation movement? Liberation of what from what? Robert Mugabe and his ilk will say and do anything to try to justify their lust for power and fortune. It’s pure criminality.

    But, what I don’t get is why in the world put up the charades? Why the attempt to make their governance appear legitimate? It’s all so thinly vailed. It’s like a silly school play produced by 8-year olds. Surely ZANU-PF is more sophisticated than to think everyone else in Zim and the rest of the world are complete morons…. or, maybe not.

    If you’re going to be a dictator, rob the nation, and destroy a people, and are given the latitude by regional partners to do what you will, I just don’t see the point of wearing a sheep tail when the rest of you is so obviously a wolf.

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    You’re right, Mr. Pamire. Send your ballots and other trash to ZANUPF for recycling. They need more kindling to light their celebratory braai fires.

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    Changamire Leo 8 years ago

    The case here is about the ballots being found not in the ballot box but elsewhere. If ZEC confirmed that the ballot is authentic,what then is the problem. Why would Sen.Komichi still be languishing in jail.Is Zanu pf not going to to reprimand the poor policeman who voted for the MDC-T and President Tsvangirai?Whatever the case everyone in the world right now including the Zanu pf Central Committee,Politiburo or the the purported ultimate winner fully knows that the Zimbabwe 2013 election was RIGGED.So why punish Sen.Komichi for Zanu’s commission which was aided by NIKUV.God is watching.May God bless Zimbabwe.