Mugabe warns hospitals

via Mugabe warns hospitals – DailyNews Live by Chengetai Zvauya – DailyNews Live

Mugabe has warned hospitals against detaining patients who would have failed to settle their medical bills.

Mugabe told mourners at the burial of former Cabinet minister and Zanu PF politburo member Kumbirai Kangai, that he was worried with the arm-twisting tactics by  government hospitals to force patients to pay up.

“We don’t want huge fees in hospitals and we are not saying people must be treated for free but the charges must be reasonable so that they can be met by our poor people,” Mugabe said.

“We don’t want the situation whereby people are detained in hospitals for failing to pay the fees, and ko vanhu vasina mari, zvoitwa sei?   VaKangai vakarwira kutivanhu vasununguke, vagare zvakanaka, and this is why we also had introduced free education at primary schools at independence for everyone.”

Mugabe said he was informed by Kangai’s family that the former minister died on Wednesday night after attending a politburo meeting. He said upon arriving home, he took a bath, collapsed and died.

“The circumstances surrounding his death are known by his family and we last saw him in a politburo meeting,” Mugabe said. “Nobody noticed that he was not feeling well as he was making a lot of suggestions in the meeting and we were shocked by his death.”

During Mugabe’s speech, former deputy minister of Regional Integration and International Co-operation Reuben Marumahoko collapsed.

He was ferried on a stretcher bed by a medical team from the VIP tent to an ambulance and had first aid dispensed by Zanu PF politburo member David Parirenyatwa, a medical doctor.



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    eztechplc 9 years ago

    Magamba apera sefunny….saka retirement age iri 65 years. Moyo ungade ishe asi nyama inyama inoneta….i ll be least surprised kunzwa kuti bob afuma akafa after addressing dead heroes at the heroes acre…..i think budget re heroes acre trips need to be stepped up by 70%

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    bingo wajakata 9 years ago

    Personally I would not want to be buried at that place! Its full of thieves and crooks. The MDC should not advocate for its members to be buried and that satanic shrine. Lets bury our leaders at their homes. ZANU PF should pray that they stay in power forever so that they look after THEIR shrine, its not a national shrine! If a government other that ZANU PF comes to power they should allow ZANU PF to carry the expenses of maintaining THEIR shrine. The party should also pay for the security details who watch after the satanic burial ground. Viva Zimbabwe

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    Sad Zimbo 9 years ago

    Once again Mugabe shows his cluelessness. With a messed up economy how can hospitals provide “reasonable” priced health care? Idiot.

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    simon 9 years ago

    Well Bob if you and your henchmen weren’t stealing the diamond money, Zim could have free healthcare but you too busy lining your pockets to care about anyone else. Majority of you lot in Zanu-PF are jut a bunch of thieving murdering looting gangsters stealing our oxygen with every breath you take!

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    MikeH 9 years ago

    mugabe’s mob seem to be dropping like flies, and about time too A! Who next one wonders… any ideas people ?