Mugabe brews another storm

via Mugabe brews another storm by Patrice Makova – The Standard

Mugabe yesterday vowed that members of the MDC formations would never be buried at the heroes Acre, saying the shrine was only reserved for Zanu PF cadres.

Speaking at the burial of Zanu PF politburo member, Kumbirai Kangai, Mugabe said the MDC-T officials clamouring for their members to be buried at the National heroes’ acre were day-dreaming.

He said the national heroes acre was a preserve of Zanu PF-linked officials only. Mugabe said political parties which supported the imposition of sanctions against Zimbabwe had no right to call for their officials to be buried at the national shrine.

“They [MDC-T] want their zvitototo [daft people] buried here. We say no. The only people we will bring here are the clean ones. Heroes of heroes,” he said.

“We created this Heroes Acre and paid a lot to make it beautiful. They must choose their own burial places.  The country has many anthills where they can bury their officials.”

Mugabe likened MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai to people in the Bible who supported the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

MDC officials could not be reached for comment.

Last week, Mugabe threatened to punish urban dwellers especially those in Harare and Bulawayo, for ditching him in the July 31 election, a threat that was widely condemned.

In less than seven days, Mugabe paid three visits to the shrine. On Sunday he officiated at the burial of National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) general manager and Zanu PF strategist, Mike Karakadzai.

On Thursday, he was back again for the burial of Zanu PF founding member, Enos Nkala. He said leaders should not be selfish, but work for the empowerment of the majority.

Mugabe said leaders should not self-enrich themselves.

“Let us not be greedy and loot everything that comes along our way,” he said in an apparent reference to corrupt Zanu PF officials, particularly former cabinet ministers.

Mugabe also made a thinly veiled attack on devolution which is now provided for under the new constitution.

He said no province should claim total ownership and revenue from natural resources endowed there.

“Resources found in any area should benefit the whole country. No province should claim exclusive rights to resources found there,” said Mugabe.

He also attacked Zanu PF leaders who have become alcoholics.

“Don’t be drunkards. There are some of you who stagger in public because of drinking too much beer. This is not leadership,” said Mugabe.

The Zanu PF leader again spoke of the July 31 elections which his party won resoundingly.

He insisted that although critics were saying the elections were not credible, the environment was free and peaceful with no disturbances recorded.

Mugabe said the 2013 elections could not be compared to the 1980 ones administered by the British disputed.

“The British themselves never had an election [2013] of this nature. They beat each other on the streets.  At some places they throw rotten eggs.  Our elections were absolutely quiet and people voted in a very calm atmosphere,” he said.

But as the debate about his age rages on a month after winning a seventh term in office, Mugabe yesterday continued to mesmerise his supporters with his recollection of historical events at the burial of Kangai.

Mugabe said he and other Zanu PF leaders such as Kangai survived several attempts on their lives including bomb and grenade attacks in the run up to the 1980 elections.

“All the same, we won the elections,” he said.

Mugabe spoke of the internal struggles in Zanu which saw at least two rebellions being staged.

He said the first one, dubbed the Nhari Rebellion, was led by misguided officials. Mugabe said the other one calling itself Vashandi led by the likes of former Zanla commander Wilfred Mhanda, popularly known as Dzino, wanted to cause confusion in the liberation struggle. He said the group wanted Mugabe and other leaders to make individual applications and be vetted before being allowed to come to the war front in Mozambique.

He said after the failed Geneva 1976 talks, he and others tricked leaders of Vashandi into coming for a meeting in Beira, Mozambique where they were arrested only to be released in 1980.

Mugabe said the arrest enabled the Zanu leaders such as Zanla commander Josiah Tongogara and Kangai to finally visit the war camps previously under the control of the rebels.

Mugabe also spoke in detail about the Zanu PF’s Dare reChimurenga (revolutionary council) where the likes of Kangai, Zanu chairman Hebert Chitepo, Zanla chief Josiah Magama Tongogara and Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo were members.

He said the revolutionary council was tasked by the Zanu executive with the responsibility of prosecuting the liberation struggle.



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    Hango Yapalala 10 years ago


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    eztechplc 10 years ago

    He is a good joker and story teller. The nation is blessed with its granny to tell the cleverness of the hare and daftness of the baboon. But come 2020, or vision 2030, when they are gone, we will unbury them and use this space for another borrowdale brookes…..Chiyangwa get ready boy!

    But mwedzi uno magamba arova pasi….kwasara bob nachinoz chete

  • comment-avatar
    Realist 10 years ago

    Mugabe is now showing all the signs of an aged brain. He is fighting everyone, including his own shadow. I wouldn’t worry who is buried where, in death we are all equal, so Zanu Pf can bring their so called clean ones to this so called shrine

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    Afrison 10 years ago

    “Mugabe yesterday vowed that members of the MDC formations would never be buried at the heroes Acre, saying the shrine was only reserved for Zanu PF cadres…”. Yes, everyone who invited and promoted sanctions against Zimbabwe, can not be called a heroe. You can’t be a heroe for advocating the suffering of your own people. Diffences aside promoting changes through the suffering of zimbabweans is wrong, very wrong

    • comment-avatar
      Diego Zhaba 10 years ago

      @Afrison – Please revisit this sanction issue, you need to have a broader understanding of what these sanctions are all about and the context in which they were imposed and on who by who and why. Sanctions for those who violet your rights should not be used as a platform to advance one’s political ambitions. Sorry it’s only those aligned to this murderous regime who have no inkling of what these sanctions are all about who can be deceived by this rhetoric.

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    Greyhora 10 years ago

    Whoever said anyone wants to be buried at the undignified criminals acre?

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    Oh, no Mugabe is loosing a point ,a lot of degrees but simple failing to understand what is economics when it comes spacious development ,thats why Beitbridge board gate is making a lot of money but finaly utilised to built carpet roads in Harare and Masvingo .Sorry Bob that is not good .

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    Only his borns will be there at heroes acre , but his soul will never rest there , that would be a sign of not beng clean .ZANU members will never rest in peace following all their eviliness , God will judge who is clean and who is not clean , those who have got their hands bleeding the blood of the guguraundu evils shame they will never be clean .

  • comment-avatar
    zvavharwa 10 years ago

    Afrison u have a good point.we can’t say a person like tsvangirai a hero,for wat???

  • comment-avatar
    Joel Nyamamhini 10 years ago

    I wonder why Mugabe keeps taking the heroes acre as heaven. What shall it profit a man, if they get approved as ‘clean’ by their God Mugabe and get buried at the heroes acre – but burn in hell because of the millions of dollars they stole from poor Zimbabweans and hundreds and thousands they massacred for political power.

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    kimberly jnr 10 years ago

    to hel w the heroes acre

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    Bruce 10 years ago

    National Heroes Acre was financed by the National Budget which money came from the fiscus. Its madness, for The Commander in Chief, First Secretary Of ZANU PF, Chancellor of all National Universities of Zimbabwe, The first Executive President and most learned man in Zimbabwe according to quanties of degrees, not so sure about the quality of the degrees to assume that burial placed was finance by his party. Its high time Gershom Pasi should tax only ZANU PF party members as they are the only right citizens of Zimbabwe. Its time the Treasury refund none ZANU PF members. Shame on You Mr.President. Your ignorance on fiscal policy is mockery to any one with a Masters in Economics as you claim. Its time those degrees be striped by the senate that conferred them to you.

  • comment-avatar
    Rejoice Ngwenya 10 years ago

    The Heroes Acre was NOT built with ZANU-PF money, but tax paying Zimbabweans of ALL political and non political backgrounds. So if Mugabe says its for ZANU-PF, then we should also use tax payers’ money to build OURS at Bhalagwe, where thousands of [our] Ndebeles were murdered by ZANU-PF inspired Gukurahundi. Let’s immediately set up the Bhalagwe Trust to raise funds for a new People’s Heroes Shrine. Any takers?

    • comment-avatar

      I’m in. Keep Mugabe talking as much as possible, and keep up his hate-non-ZANU-go-away rhetoric. Soon ehough he’ll be telling Harrarians, Bulawayoans, and Matabeleland they are not Zimbabweans so take their cities and shove off to be their own country. Takers?

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    Sibangilizwe Lethu 10 years ago

    A thief or criminal always lose track or forget their statements when asked the same question more than once. mugabe has changed the meaning of heroes acre from what he used to describe it to what he said yesterday. I drew this conclusion from what he said.
    1. No democracy to his own people including those who are dead. What does this mean, no respect of rule of law, therefore the sanctions will stay, they will be reviewed when you have finished burying your heroes.
    2. Age is taking its course on the old man. Joyce was right. What does this mean, someone needs to take over the leadership , I leave that conclusion to didymus,joyce and munangagwa to fight it out. Whoever dies during the fight no worries there is still some space at heroes acre.

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    Mwanawevhu 10 years ago

    I won’t comment cause I’m from Harare. We are already treading on thin ice. I believe Mr Mugabe is looking for an excuse to strip us Hararians of our citizenship. As for the Heroes Acre I say Zany PF can keep it cause no dignified human being or any other animal would like to be buried there.

  • comment-avatar
    Guvnor 10 years ago

    The gods first make fools those they are about to destroy.

  • comment-avatar
    Diego Zhaba 10 years ago

    Thanks Mr President for this outburst again. The purpose and value of the Heroes Acre and the concept of Heroism has been lost a very longtime ago. We live in a dynamic world, but ours seem so static that never an form of change can ever be accommodated.

    There is nothing wrong in reviewing and redefining our purpose, our goal so that it becomes an all inclusive. However, coming back to the issue, I find some of the statements made misplaced and irrelevant thereof.

    It’s no longer a shrine for the clean ones, but some of the most notorious guys have been buried there. The opposite is true Mr President, most of those who have blood on their hands have found themselves there lying side by side with the likes of Herbert Chitepo, Josiah Tongogara etc.

    It’s pathetic that the shrine has lost it’s significance as it has been patronised, and a burial place for those who pay allegiance to you. I don’t think the people of Zimbabwe are really worried about who gets buried where but are more concerned about bread and butter issues, their welfare, the economy in general, what the future holds for their children, grand children etc, in a country where resources have been monopolised by those in power and have unquestioned powers of manipulation at the expense of the lager populace.

    Having said that, let me also say that we are now writing the last chapter to a Voluminous book and will soon give it closure with the shortest conclusion ever. Everything has an ending and the writing is on the wall. Freedom for all in every aspect of humanity is what we need for Zimbabwe – politically, economically and socially. The fight for this is deep rooted and never should people be taken for granted.

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    Livingstone 10 years ago

    Who is the son of God who is being crucified.

  • comment-avatar

    We shall dig up these clowns buried at heroea acre and throw their skeletons into lake Kariba. Watch this space