Mutambara withdraws leadership wrangle petition

via Mutambara withdraws leadership wrangle petition – DailyNews Live by Tendai Kamhungira

Former Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara’s allies have withdrawn a Supreme Court appeal, which sought to nullify the party’s 2011 congress that saw Welshman Ncube elected president of the breakaway MDC formation.

Jobert Mudzumwe, chairperson of an MDC faction headed by Mutambara, together with 12 others had asked the High Court to reverse Ncube’s ascendance to the party’s top position.

However, High Court judge, Bharat Patel dismissed the application, forcing Mutambara’s party members to file a Supreme Court appeal against the ruling.

Mutambara rose to the position of Deputy Prime Minister on the back of his position as MDC president.

He resisted efforts to remove him from the post to make way for Ncube, arguing that he was still the legitimate president as the matter was still pending before the courts.

Lawyer Obey Shava told the Daily News yesterday that the appeal had been withdrawn, because it had since been overtaken by events.

Dismissing the party members’ application, Patel said Mudzumwe had failed to establish any contravention of the MDC constitution by Ncube during the 2011 congress that ousted Mutambara from the party presidency.

Mudzumwe and the MDC members had argued in their application that the congress was convened and conducted in violation of the MDC constitution.

They said convenors of the congress failed to send notices of the congress to all provinces and districts also argued that there were defects in the nomination process for congress elections, adding that the polls were not procedurally conducted because the national chairman was absent from the process.

Mudzumwe, who was then the acting chairman of the MDC, snubbed the congress.



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    walter 10 years ago

    what events have overtaken this thing? was it meant to keep Ncube out of Deputy prime minister post or was it about MDC leadership…abanye abantu…nxaaa

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      They can’t save under a Ndebele person. It is taboo for shona people to be under the authority of none other than their own. Classic example, ZCTU was headed by Sibanda. What happened next? A complete fool in the name of Morgan was put in place.

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    Mikko Chiko 10 years ago


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    fungai 10 years ago

    he takin notes frm his boss tswangirai…both are withdrawing their court cases.

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    Phunyukabemphethe 10 years ago

    Now that the Gukurahundi ZANU PF job of keeping Welshman Ncube out of the Principals table is done, its time the court challenge is withdrawn.

    Whats left is now to formally announce his membership of ZANU PF and accept a ministerial post in the Gukurahundi Cabinet!!

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    NANSI LENDODA 10 years ago

    Mutamburi Mutambara is a sekesa. He is forgetting that in Zim we still need opposition political parties that have home grown policies.

    Why withdraw this late. Hmmm but he can not be compared to MDC-Tea Tsvangirai foreign policies from the European Block

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    Afrison 10 years ago

    Mutambara is one progressive person coming from opposition. Whats the use of dwelling on issues that makes the country poor. He does not oppose for the sake of opposing. Win or lose the country must progress. Those on the losing side must find strategies on coming back to life but the route of campaigning against the country will not bear fruits.