JUST IN: Acting President sends off ambassadors 

Source: JUST IN: Acting President sends off ambassadors | The Herald August 27, 2019

JUST IN: Acting President sends off ambassadorsActing President Mohadi speaks to the ambassadors-designate at the Munhumutapa Offices this morning. Picture by Innocent Makawa

Farirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
The country is now in an economic revolution phase and the country’s diplomats should focus on promoting the country’s trade and economic relations with their host countries, Acting President Kembo Mohadi has said.

The Acting President said this while addressing five ambassadors-designate at the Munhumutapa Offices this morning.

The five ambassadors are, Mr Gumisai Gapare (Brazil), Dr Emmanuel Gumbo (Sudan, Khartoum), Engineer Jetro Ndlovu (United Arab Emirates), Vusumuzi Ntonga (Algeria) and Ms Mietani Chauke (Italy).

“Let me congratulate you for having been selected to represent Zimbabwe in the various countries that you will be stationed. So we want you to represent us in the true sense of the word,” he said.

“You will also recall the restructuring of the then Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade means we emphasise very much on trade now. This we have derived from fact that we are now interested in the economic revolution. We have done our political revolution, we are independent and the next thing is to get economic independence and to do so we need to be working with other people and trading with other people,” he said.

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  • comment-avatar
    Flick 3 years ago

    And yet another waste of time and even more so money.

    • comment-avatar
      i am not the one 3 years ago

      ..I wonder how many people in Zim squirm at the imbeciles who play at being ambassadors. Is it not embarrassing when the best your country can do is send incompetents all over the world with begging bowls ready??

  • comment-avatar
    mambo 3 years ago

    So does the Government of Zimbabwe recognise Sudan’s Transitional Government and PM Abdullah Hamdok?