JUST IN: Council fails to clean up CBD 

Source: JUST IN: Council fails to clean up CBD | The Herald

JUST IN: Council fails to clean up CBD
Mirriam Madiye  Features Writer 
For the past two months, business was at a standstill in Harare and across the country owing to the phase four lockdown.
Most businesses that do not provide crucial services were closed with only those listed as essential operating in line with the lockdown measures.
Early this week, President Emmerson Mnagwagwa relaxed the lockdown measures calling for all business operations to resume normally.
This gave all Zimbabweans an opportunity to continue with their day to day work in the central business district and elsewhere.
Returning to Harare’s CBD, people were welcomed by litter, malfunctioning streets lights and potholes.
 Litter from vegetables and other wares vendors sell characterises the streets, especially in the morning and evenings.
Poor street lightning is the order of the day in the town.
 In an interview, Masimba Mapfumo, a Mufakose resident reiterated city council is failing to do its job properly.
“The situation of litter in the CBD has worsened to such an extent that in every corner and pavement that you pass, there is litter.  One wonders what the council was doing during the lockdown phase when most of the people were working from home. The city has lost its sunshine status because of the way they are conducting business,” said Mapfumo.
He added that the council has failed dismally in executing their duties.
“The situation we left the town in before the lockdown is the same we are finding it in. Roads are in a bad shape. Potholes around town have not been maintained for a long time.  Most people thought when they resume duties, things would have changed, but this is not the case.”
 Another worker Martha Mutale said council is not concerned about the health and safety of the people.
“They have failed to utilise the lockdown phase to clean and maintain the city,” said Mutale.
She added that the situation is deplorable worse with the rain season.
 But the main question is, where are the city fathers? Are they unaware of what is taking place and what steps are they taking?
To many residents in Harare, the city fathers have learnt nothing from the lockdown phase.
They failed to utilise all the time they had to put their house in order.
Maladministration has clearly led to what is taking place in Harare.