JUST IN: G40 bombed President-Tshinga Dube 

Source: JUST IN: G40 bombed President-Tshinga Dube – Sunday News July 8, 2018

Dumisani Nsingo, Senior Reporter 

ZANU PF aspiring Member of Parliament for Makokoba Constituency Retired Colonel Tshinga Dube suspects that ousted members of the revolutionary party popularly referred to as the G40 cabal are behind the White City stadium bombing which occupied two weeks ago.

Retired Col Dube said the feverous sentiments being posted on various social media platforms by individuals aligned to the G40 cabal against the new regime makes them highly suspicious to have had a hand in the heinous bombing at the Bulawayo rally, which has so far claimed two lives and injured scores of people.

“I strongly suspect that the bombing was instigated by those that are fighting us, which is none other than the G40 cabal. They are on record of saying that those that live by the sword should die by the sword when posting their sentiments on social media.

“It is such sentiments that show that these people are bitter and are capable of committing such a treacherous act. Of course we also have a number of unruly elements that are against the current leadership but our main enemies are the G40 cabal,” he said.

Rtd Col Dube said there was a need for a proper forensic investigation to be carried out to determine the specific weapon used for the attack.

“It has been said a grenade was used to carry out that attack but it’s debatable because as far as I know there is an offensive and non-offensive grenade and they both explode and sprout out sharp nails. The smoke after the explosion isn’t synonymous with grenades but it was more of the one which comes after a landmine explosion. Thus there is need for thorough investigations to be carried out to determine the weapon which was used,” he said.

In n interview with BBC recently, President Mnangangwa also said he suspected his enemies especially those linked to G40 could have been behind the terrorist attack.

Rtd Col is a decorated soldier and was once attached at the state-owned arms manufacturing and procurement company, Zimbabwe Defence Industries as the managing director.

ZDI’s primary focus is sporting and military ammunition. In the past it has also manufactured mortar rounds, land mines and light armoured fighting vehicles such as the Gazelle FRV.


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    Ndebele 4 years ago

    The truly fascinating part for the world at large and The British Empire who are now part and parcel of Zanu itself – is the very fact that the violence appears to have come from Zanu. If The British Empire sent Scotland Yard or New Scotland Yard out to help the ZRP – collectively the investigation and investigators would not have to look further than Zanu itself. After 60 years of violence – they (Zanu) are true masters of violence? But there is huge indignation at the same time! What a farce!