JUST IN: Service stations corruption a security threat 

Source: JUST IN: Service stations corruption a security threat | The Herald January 10, 2019

JUST IN: Service stations corruption a security threat

Daniel Nemukuyu Senior Reporter
MISMANAGEMENT of service stations bordering on corruption and nepotism by fuel attendants now poses a security threat in and around Harare as it is sparking brawls among motorists.

It has become the norm at service stations to see fuel attendants facilitating access to fuel by motorists not on queues, and to relatives, in the full glare of those who would have waited for hours for their turn to be served.

Total Westgate and Puma Mt Hampden have emerged among the worst in their service to customers. Zuva Service Station at the corner of Harare Drive and Lorraine Drive appears to offer efficient service. Most service stations are manned by young men and women hungry for quick money.

When The Herald visited most service stations in and around Harare over the past few days, it witnessed restless motorists sometimes pushing and shoving queue jumpers.

Other shouted obscenities at fuel attendants and their managers, accusing them of corruptly refueling vehicles that have “jumped the queue”.
Fuel supplies improved this week, with most service stations receiving petrol and diesel deliveries but this did not translate to shorter queues.

Social media was also awash with video clips of fist fights among motorists at different service stations.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi warned motorists against engaging in acts of violence at fuel service stations as this had security risks.

More to follow…