JUST IN: ZRP warns traders on US$ prices

Source: JUST IN: ZRP warns traders on US$ prices | The Herald July 3, 2019

JUST IN: ZRP warns traders on US$ pricesAssistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi

Crime Reporter
Police have warned business entities and individuals against charging goods and services in foreign currency saying the long arm of the law will catch up with them.

Government last week scrapped the multi-currency system and adopted a single domestic transactional unit, through Statutory Instrument 142/2019. The Zimbawean dollar (bond notes, coins and RTGS) is now the sole legal tender. Despite the law banning use of other currencies, some businesses have continued selling their good and services in foreign currency.

In a statement, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi urged members of the public to report those acting contrary to the law.

“In the same vein, supermarkets and shops are implored to display commodity prices in order to allow members of the public to access goods and services in an environment which gives them room to plan, coordinate and buy the items freely without any form of manipulation by unscrupulous dealers.

“The ZRP warns all those who are charging commodities in United States dollars that they risk being arrested as the law will be applied without fear or favour. Members of the public should report such people to any nearest police station or the National Complaints Desk on telephone numbers 0242-703631 or WhatsApp number 0712800197,” Asst Comm Nyathi said.

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    Tendai 3 years ago

    I am bringng in stock from South and the exchange rate is 14:to 1 US$, so prices will move to this level , and note that 14:1 is the Rand :US$ RATE ,so the bond note is about one Rand , no more no less