Karoi man steals from pool club

Source: Karoi man steals from pool club -Newsday Zimbabwe

A KAROI man is on the run after he fraudulently withdrew money belonging to Karoi Pool League (KPL).

Mathew Kasinagwara was the treasurer for 2022/23 seasons and the club had a nostro account with ZB Bank.

This came to light when the KPL held its 2023 season closing gala, where 20 teams in the league contributed US$20 each.

The KPL board had resolved to give prizes to teams that had excelled during the season.

Kasinagwara did not show up at the venue in Chikangwe high-density suburb, raising suspicion.

Efforts to locate him were fruitless after he switched off his mobile phone.

According to documents gleaned by this publication, Kasinagwara withdrew a total of US$1 290 from the KPL account.

The case was reported to ZRP Karoi Urban.

KPL chairman Terence Chidemo confirmed the case.

“As a board, we relaxed on monitoring the funds leading to the fraudulent withdrawal from our account,” Chidemo said.

“I am very disappointed in the behaviour exhibited by the treasurer since everyone in KPL had trust in him.

“Since the matter was reported to the police, we have trust in our law enforcement agents whom we are expecting to get to the bottom of the case and bring the culprits before justice.”