Kasiyamhuru pledges $200bn economy

Kasiyamhuru pledges $200bn economy

Source: Kasiyamhuru pledges $200bn economy | The Herald 02 JUL, 2018

Kasiyamhuru pledges $200bn economy
Dr Kasiyamhuru

Elliot Ziwira Senior Writer
Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity (ZIPP) leader Dr Blessing Kasiyamhuru says his party will build a $200 billion economy through investment partnerships inspired by “spiritual intelligence” within five years if given a mandate to govern.

One of 23 presidential candidates in harmonised elections due end of this month, Dr Kasiyamhuru (40), an academic, entrepreneur and business leader, with a Master’s degree in Management and Development Finance and PhD in Public and Development Management, said his spiritually-inspired vision is to appeal to Zimbabweans, regardless of race ethnicity or religion, locally and in the Diaspora, to bring capital to build the nation through partnerships that create win-win outcomes.

“A nation can only be built through the efforts of its citizens. Yes, foreign direct investment (FDI) may be required in due course, but it should not be a form of disguised looting.

“There are a lot of Zimbabweans out there who have the capacity to change the face of our economy within a short period of time. What they only need is the spiritual intelligence to direct their efforts to the development of their country through fostering investment partnerships that benefit all citizens. Our vision is to build a conducive environment for Zimbabweans first, before we consider foreigners.

“Advocacy should be on appealing for our countrymen to bring back capital home. We have the natural resources to support that vision,” Dr Kasiyamhuru said.

Workers, youths and women, he said, should not be left out in such partnerships as they are the crucial components of the nation, without which economic progress will be hindered.

Dr Kasiyamhuru’s conviction is that through the “right mindset” steeped in Christian values, the embracing of 21st century technological advancements, and trimming of the civil service through abolishment of posts and reducing the cabinet to 12 or 14 ministers, Zimbabwe can prosper for the common good.

“As ZIPP, our vision is prosperity and prosperity for Zimbabweans, through long-term planning that will take into cognisance the role of workers, women and youths; impact of ICT developments on agriculture, manufacturing, mining and financial services; without forgetting that God is the ultimate watcher and blesser of all nations,” he said.

A post-doctoral political science student at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg with years of consulting experience in governance and strategic management within the region, the aspiring president said if voted into office his vision is to see Zimbabwe engaging foreign economic participators from a position of strength, guided by 500-year development plans in all sectors.

“Our natural resources; minerals, land, wildlife, water and energy among others will only be commercialised in line with approved long-term national plans that take into account the needs of our great grandchildren 200-500 years into the future,” he said. “The exploitation of our nation’s natural resources will be under strict beneficiation rules within the borders of Zimbabwe.”

Acknowledging that the playing field was even, as far as his party was concerned, Dr Kasiyamhuru was upbeat that victory was certain come July 30.

“We are not crybabies we are ready for the elections. Our message is irresistible to Zimbabweans because it is practical, solution-based and addresses their previously dashed dreams and aspirations. Our partnership is growing in strength and bounds every day as we position ourselves to form the new government of Zimbabwe.

“ZIPP is a national party with a national mandate; that is why we have been able to campaign freely across the country; and are fielding 123 candidates for the National Assembly. We aim to address and redress all the constitutional errors in Zimbabwe and we need more than two-thirds majority to do that.”

The ZIPP leader pledged that his party will be guided by Christian principles and values of Ubuntu/Hunhu in spreading the message of peace, in the campaign period, during and after the elections.

“We will continue to spread the message of peace throughout our Country. The culture of Ubuntu left Zimbabwe a long time ago and we aim to restore love and respect back into the family unit that we all grew up in the 1980s”, Dr Kasiyamhuru said.