Kezi mortuary down 10 years on 

Source: Kezi mortuary down 10 years on – NewsDay Zimbabwe


KEZI Clinic mortuary in Matobo District, Matabeleland South province, has not been functioning for over a decade despite financial and material donations made by locals based in the diaspora towards equipping the health facility, it has emerged.

Locals claim the clinic has not been properly functioning for over 11 years after its roof was blown away by strong winds.

As a result bodies, are being taken to mortuaries in Bulawayo, Gwanda and Maphisa.

Matobo district development co-ordinator Obey Chaputsira yesterday confirmed the development, but denied that the clinic had not been functioning at full capacity.

“The clinic has always been operational. It was never closed and all services that the clinic is supposed to offer are being offered, except for the mortuary which is still down,” he said.

“No works are currently being done to repair the roof which was removed.”

Matobo district medical officer Matthew Mthunzi said: “Renovations have not started at the clinic because we are yet to get the plan from the provincial Public Works Department. I have been chasing the plan together with our Local MP Moyo. Last week, they said it will be ready this Wednesday (today).

Meanwhile, villagers in Plumtree’s Madlambudzi village in Matabeleland South province have joined hands to construct a maternity home at Madlambuzi Clinic after noticing that expectant mothers were walking long distances to the nearest health facility.

The project started in 2013, but due to lack of resources, construction had been moving at a snail’s pace.

Project chairperson Violet Ncube said community members were funding the project.

“People walk 30km to 35km in order to reach the current clinic. The community is struggling to fund the project, hence the delay in its completion.”

Ncube said because of the long distance to the nearest clinic, many women have been giving birth at home.

Bulilima Rural District Council chief executive officer John Brown Ncube confirmed the development.