Land earmarked for Mbare flats invaded

Source: Land earmarked for Mbare flats invaded | The Herald

Land earmarked for Mbare flats invaded
Mr Michael Chideme

Municipal Reporter

The construction of Government flats in Mbare is being frustrated by corrupt council officials who were subdividing the land and leasing it to informal traders.

Among the identified sites for Government flats in Mbare is the area popularly known as paGatsi and at the front of Mbare polyclinic close to the council’s Remembrance Drive offices.

The flat sites were all barricaded in preparation of civil works, but a visit yesterday showed that the barricades were being removed so that the invaders can gain access.

At the Remembrance Drive offices site, the land was also being subdivided into perimeter wall tuckshops with illegal vendors scattered at the place to cause more congestion and confusion. Defiant  kombi operators whose vehicles have since been banned from the roads, were also observed loading and offloading passengers on site.

Zanu PF shadow Member of Parliament for Southerton constituency Cde Andrew Makahamadze said it was worrying that the city council was taking forever to approve plans for the flats.

“I feel the council is frustrating the efforts of the Government and the President,” he said. “How can they take time to approve the plans for the flats?

“You cannot be seen blaming people trying to earn a living when they try to sell their wares there. But it is regrettable that the fence in the process is being destroyed and the tone set by the Government to the highly expectant community being hampered.”

Cde Makahamadze said the local authority seemed to be enjoying the frustrating efforts.

“I urge the authorities to whip the council into line for us to meet our goals under Vision 2030,” he said.

Harare City Council spokesperson Mr Michael Chideme said the project site was now in the hands of the contractor.