Lawyer challenges vehicle seizure 

Source: Lawyer challenges vehicle seizure – NewsDay Zimbabwe


HARARE lawyer Tazorora Takunda Goto Musarurwa has filed an urgent chamber application at the High Court challenging the impounding of his unregistered vehicle by the police.

In his application, Musarurwa cited police Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga, police officer commanding traffic and the City of Harare as respondents.

The lawyer said the impounding of his unregistered Mazda CX-5 vehicle was illegal.

Musarurwa said his imported Mazda CX-5 vehicle was impounded while he was still going through the registration formalities.

Police last week launched a blitz against all unregistered and plateless vehicles as part of measures to enhance public security following reports that most of those vehicles were being used in criminal activities.

Musarurwa said his imported vehicle was caught in the crossfire as he had not yet completed change of ownership after buying it from Ishmael Munjodzi on December 20 last year.

“The actions of the first respondent are not based on any law and amounts to self-help,” Musarurwa submitted.

He added that the seizure of his car had disrupted his mobility as he needed it to shuttle between places as a lawyer and university lecturer.

The lawyer said he made enquiries at the Central Vehicle Registry about number plates, and was advised that they were not yet available.

Musarurwa said the courts should urgently remind the police that all State actions had to be supported by the law.

“Nowhere in the Act does it provide for the impounding of vehicles. Section 6(2) provides the offence clause for failure to register a vehicle, and this is a level four fine or three months imprisonment or both such fine and imprisonment,” he submitted.

Over 10 000 vehicles have been netted during the blitz.