Let’s commit to violence-free polls: Youths

Let’s commit to violence-free polls: Youths

Source: Let’s commit to violence-free polls: Youths | The Herald May 14, 2018

Let’s commit to violence-free polls: Youths
Cde Tsenengamu

Audrey Rundofa and Ropafadzo Ndangariro
Youths from various political parties have been encouraged to commit themselves to a violence-free election this year.

Speaking at an inter-party youth forum in Harare last Friday, Zanu-PF Youth League national political commissar Cde Godfrey Tsenengamu, said youths should shun violence.

“Youths from different parties should shun violence and should not promote hate speech among members of their parties.

“All political parties’ leaders must not provide legal representation for people who have been arrested because of violence. Educate the general public about the code of conduct so that they can be well-informed,” said Cde Tsenengamu.

Centre for Conflict Management and Transformation (CCMT) and Voices In the Vision for Africa (VIVA) Zimbabwe have encouraged youths to come together to promote peace among the youths in Zimbabwe.

CCMT director Wonder Phiri said the organisation was working with youths from different political parties to promote peace within their parties and communities.

“The dialogue we had today (Friday) is part and parcel of the work we are doing as CCMT, to try and ensure that despite our diversity as Zimbabweans, we should be held accountable. We have a responsibility to ensure that any process, be it political, social, economical or cultural, is inclusive to every Zimbabwean,” he said.

“We are working with youths from different backgrounds to encourage other young people not to be agents of violence and discourage them from engaging in violent acts.

“As an organisation, we have realised that there is no development without peace. Peace is a fundamental value that needs to be there before we start talking about development.”