Lets Play Slots

There is no doubt that we are living in a mobile age – and there is also no doubt that we are living incredibly bus lives, so much so that sometimes it feels as if there are not enough hours in the day to finish all we have set ourselves to do.

We turn to our smartphones constantly. We shop and pay for a wide range of goods and services online with increasing numbers of us also sourcing our entertainment whilst on the go. Being able to find what we want when we want is convenient and fits in with may lifestyles.

Making a Move to the Smaller Screen

Many industries have made the move to the mobile market, and one of the first that recognised the potential of the mobile market was the gambling industry which has always pioneered new ideas and technology, and out of all the online casino games to choose from it was the mobile slots games that have taken the industry by storm.

Why Players Prefer Mobile Slots

To be honest this is not so very surprising as slots games are one of the most popular ways to have wager at land-based casinos too. The thrill and action of the progressive games as well as the many themes and bonus features of the slots game keep players returning, and slots games transferred over to the smaller screens almost seamlessly.

Choice and Convenience

As technology advanced so did the games until we reached the stage that playing on a mobile device became even more popular than playing on a lap-top or home computer. As we have mentioned, we are all leading increasingly busy lives so the choice of playing on a game whenever and wherever we choose is very appealing, and as long as there is an internet connection then sites like Fruity King can be accessed when we want them.

Optimised for the Smartphone

Players can now expect a wide range of games to play instead of the once limited selection and they can also expect to get some great bonuses and promotional offers to enhance their time online. Payment options are the same as when a home computer is used to play, and there is even the choice of paying for games using a pay as you go balance or a monthly phone bill.

Today, in the age of account hacking many people who enjoy a spin of the reels are rightly concerned about protecting their identity and personal details secure, being able to use a phone bill to fund an online casino account means that there is no requirement to give the site your credit card details (as an example)

Safe, secure and fun – It’s no wonder that playing slots using a smartphone is the number one option!