LIVE: MDC will vote with ZANU-PF to remove Mugabe #Zimbabwe

LIVE: MDC will vote with ZANU-PF to remove Mugabe #Zimbabwe

Source: LIVE: MDC will vote with ZANU-PF to remove Mugabe #Zimbabwe | News24

Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu-PF is set to begin moves to impeach President Robert Mugabe, 93, with an official saying that a motion to strip the nonagenarian of the presidency would be presented to parliament. Follow the Live updates.

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Crowds holding placards outside Parliament


Mugabe’s downfall could be good business for China 

China has seen its influence rise in Zimbabwe during Robert Mugabe’s nearly four decades in power, becoming the African nation’s third-largest trading partner and biggest foreign investor. Beijing might gain even more if he goes.

Former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose removal sparked last week’s military intervention, is seen as more open to investment from China and other nations than Mugabe, according to researchers who advise President Xi Jinping’s government on Africa policy.

Mnangagwa is poised to take Mugabe’s job after replacing him as leader of the ruling Zanu-PF party on Sunday.


RECAP: Botswana President Seretse Khama Ian Khama appealed to Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe in an open letter to do the honourable thing by voluntarily relinquishing power


ICYMI: Zim Parliament opens session to begin Mugabe impeachment

Zimbabwe’s Parliament opened a session on Tuesday to begin the process of impeaching President Robert Mugabe, which could lead to him being stripped of office, an AFP correspondent saw.

Parliament speaker Jacob Mubenda gave permission for a joint session of the House of Assembly and the Senate to debate a motion that would trigger impeachment proceedings against Mugabe.

“This motion is unprecedented in the history of post-independence Zimbabwe,” Mubenda declared.


Crowds outside Parliament


Tsvangirai: The liberation phase was one phase. The democratic phase was another phase. We are now finishing the agenda that the liberation fighters fought for.


Tsvangirai: What you have started and what you doing is to show that the liberation of Zimbabwe was not an end in itself


Tsvangirai: Never again must we have a situation where the people must take up arms against the government.


Tsvangirai: It is now time to put our heads together so that we can build a Zimbabwean that we can all respect and that we can all admire.


Tsvangirai: It is my wish that everyone has a meal, that young people are employed


Tsvangirai: Zanu-PF’s culture, policies and tendency for violence must end


He says the impeachment is a method to help kick out the veteran president


Tsvangirai says people should make their voices heard that Mugabe should be ousted



His car was surrounded by a crowd of supporters who had been waiting outside parliament and across the road at Africa Unity Square where he is expected to address the crowd.


MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai arrived outside parliament a few minutes ago ahead of the impeachment vote.


People wrote their dreams for Zimbabwe on pieces of paper on Unity Square – ENCA

Robert Mugabe

ZANU-PF spokesperson Simon Moyo is determined to push forward the impeachment motion – ENCA


“Security, please move them back”


ZANU-PF fired President Robert Mugabe


WATCH: President Jacob Zuma arrives in Angola to discuss the Zimbabwean crisis


War veterans insist that Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe must resign


Scuffles outside Zimbabwean parliament main entrance – ENCA


One of the reasons that will be advanced to remove Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is that he is incapacitated – SABC


MDC will vote with ZANU-PF to remove President Robert Mugabe – SABC


MPs have arrived in parliament in Zimbabwe – SABC


ZANU-PF spokesperson Simon Moyo just arrived at Parliament.

“The time has come indeed, the moment of truth,” he said before entering.

“We’ve got the numbers, there is no doubt about that. We are the ruling party,” Moyo said ahead of the impeachment vote against President Robert Mugabe today


Moves to impeach President Robert Mugabe are going ahead as planned – CapeTalk


Jobs, economy is the first point of reference for interim government in Zimbabwe – SABC


Many people blame Grace Mugabe for the economic slump in Zimbabwe – SABC


People are optimistic that Robert Mugabe will be impeached – SABC


Reports says Emmerson Mnangagwa is on his way to Zimbabwe – SABC


Hundreds gather in Harare ahead of motion to impeach President Robert Mugabe – SABC


Parliamentary meeting to impeach Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is scheduled to begin shortly


Zimbabweans demand that President Robert Mugabe steps down


Zimbabwe constitution Section 101 on succession of the president  

101 Succession in event of death, resignation or incapacity of President or Vice-President

1.    If the President dies, resigns or is removed from office –

a.    the first Vice-President assumes office as President until the expiry of the former President’s term of office;

b.    the second Vice-President assumes office as first Vice-President until the expiry of the former President’s term of office; and

c.    upon assuming office as President, the former first Vice-President must appoint a qualified person to be second Vice-President until the expiry of the former President’s term of office.

2.    If the first Vice-President dies, resigns or is removed from office –

a.    the second vice-President assumes office as first Vice-President until the expiry of the former first Vice-President’s term of office; and

b.    the President must without delay appoint a qualified person to be second Vice-President until the expiry of the former first Vice-President’s term of office.


Protests demand Mugabe must go


Zimbabweans have gathered to protest the rule of President Robert Mugabe


Economic woes have left 95% of the population unemployed in Zimbabwe – Power 98.7


Zimbabwe ministers snub Mugabe’s Cabinet meeting

A Zimbabwean ruling party senior official says Cabinet ministers have snubbed a call by President Robert Mugabe to attend a meeting.


Mugabe era draws to a close as impeachment looms

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe may be facing the last days of his 37 years in power, as lawmakers prepare to start proceedings to impeach him.

Biti, the leader of the opposition People’s Democratic Party, says the impeachment process could be complete in a week. – BBC


Zimbabwe’s President Robert is entitled to legal representation during impeachment proceedings, opposition MP Tendai Biti has said, raising doubts about the ruling party’s plan to remove him from office by the end of Wednesday. – BBC


Protestors vow to sit-in outside Mugabe’s residence until he resigns – CapeTalk


Mutsvangwa again urges the business community, the diaspora should support if they call for another march

Mutsvangwa says all they want is for Mugabe to throw in the towel so the country can start on a new page


Mutsvangwa said the war veterans want responsible political statements and that divisive statements won’t be tolerated


Zimbabwean war veterans have reiterated their call for President Robert Mugabe to step down


Mutsvangwa says he’s impressed that the cabinet refused to go to the cabinet meeting Mugabe called earlier on Tuesday

By and large everybody refused to go


Mutsvangwa says the need a national, unison voice to say Mugabe must go, a regional, unison voice to say Mugabe must go


He must now leave the state to another leader… We want the major powers of the world to send an unmistakable and unanimous decision that Mugabe must go


Mutsvangwa says they want regional leaders to come and tell Mugabe his time is up and he must go


You have ruled for 37 years, we don’t want you for another 37 seconds. Go, go, go, Mutsvangwa says, with those in attendance echoing him


We want a new political dispensation now


The economy is in dire straits – Chris Mutsvangwa, head of Zimbabwe’s association of war veterans


Please let your feet move you forward. Mugabe should go… He should go now. Intention and action must coincide now


Mugabe resign and go and let this country start a new page

That’s all that we want


These are institutional processes… We as the people of Zimbabwe, like we have shown on Saturday, we want Mugabe gone


Mutsvangwa again says it wasn’t a coup but a corrective measure