London 24 October 2013: Vigil group’s conference

via Vigil group’s conference on Zim future gets underway | SW Radio Africa by Mthulisi Mathuthu 23 October 2013

An All stakeholders’ conference, organised by the Zimbabwe Vigil to discuss Zimbabwe’s future, gets under way in London this Thursday.

A statement from the London-based group said the conference will bring together the Diaspora community to discuss Zimbabwe’s future in the aftermath of the July 31st election.

Topics to be discussed include the role of the Diaspora, the role of women and the role of the Church in the fight for democracy in Zimbabwe.

Dubbed ‘Restore Zimbabwe’ the conference will be addressed by Kate Hoey who is the MP for Vauxhall and chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Zimbabwe.

Other speakers will be SW Radio Africa analyst and contributor Wilbert Mukori, Dewa Mavhinga of the Human Rights Watch, founder of Girl Child Network Betty Makoni and pastor Charles Chipere.

Rose Benton from the Vigil told SW Radio Africa that the conference was suggested by vigil members and other interested parties following the disputed July 31st elections in which Mugabe and his ZANU PF were declared winners.

According to the programme losing MDC-T candidates Faith Kamutsungira and Taurayi Chamboko will give ‘witness accounts’ and ‘spell out what must be done for free and fair elections in 2018’.

Benton said the one day conference will also find time to discuss other suggested issues such as the current targeted sanctions against members of the Mugabe government. Other suggested issues, which are not included in the programme released Wednesday, include corruption and the human rights situation.

The Vigil has been demonstrating outside Zimbabwe House in London every weekend for the last 11 years, campaigning for free and fair elections in Zimbabwe.

Media Notice from the Zimbabwe Vigil – 22nd October 2013



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    zimbabwe ndeyedu 11 years ago

    Hapana zvechiconference apa. Desperate invites desperados to the so-called conference to try and revive his fortunes. he will be looking for people to contribute money towards his dubious agenda

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    khabo 11 years ago

    No ways , Zimbabwe was liberated by the barrel of a gun by those true Zimbabweans , they never deserted the country during those ludicrous days , these boys who went to London to seek for bread and butter must make a differnce between themselves and the really people who were in exile with a mission to bring really democracy to Zimbabwe , i am really trouble by their agenda of bringing democracy in Zim , we are democratic already , what remains is to resolve our disputes as a nation and that will be done at the appropriate time , if they want to be part of progress then they must come back home and face the truth of it .Telling the world that we are not democratic is incorrect , i think they are missing a point from a distance let them come close and they inputs will be viewed correctly . I am an opposition to ZANU but i will not support these oxen who are misled and pulling their own wagons and agendas which are not mandated by the majority opposers to Mugabe , we will never give out a mandate to the cowards enjoying bread and butter next to the queen’s palace , let the queen mandate and mislead them , if they need a mandate from us , then the mandate is at home in Zim , let them fly over to receive it , then i will concur with them

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    what is this all about, i know there are some who will be calling me names after reading my comment, its all just because of ideological bullying , there is no middle thinking culture in this country, its like its u are with us or them.Back to my point how long should all these fly bynight attention seekers keep on embarrasing us abroad, . The revolution is not like apples which fall when they are ripe but u have to make it happen,contrary stupidity and genius differ in the sense that stupidity has no limits. Bad things are bad and they must not be ullulated, have u seen the britian citizens trying to go and discuss their grievances in brussels, can we move forwad with this attitude, it is undeniable that this new government has its own foibles but i think our reaction is premature.Our kids have no legacy to take from their myopic parents, which are us,if mdc want people to rally behind them they must make their ideology and policies clear and should show consistency, at the moment they are still legging behind

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    Tozvirevakupiko 11 years ago

    Not worth to respond to ‘Zimbabwe Ndeyedu’ and Khabo – some people bark aimlessly like you know what – others discuss ideas.