ZANU PF commitment questioned over multiple land ‘clampdown’

via ZANU PF commitment questioned over multiple land ‘clampdown’ | SW Radio Africa by Alex Bell October 23, 2013

The ZANU PF government’s bid to crack down on multiple land owners has prompted many questions about the party’s commitment to such a move.

According to the Herald newspaper, the government has ordered beneficiaries of the land grab campaign, who have safari operations as well as former commercial farms, to choose one of the two and surrender the other to the State. This order is meant to be honoured “with immediate effect for allocation to people on the waiting list,” the Herald reported.

The land seizures, which have been ongoing since 2000, were rolled out under the guise of ‘reform’ and led to the almost total destruction of Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector. Instead of handing the properties to ordinary Zimbabwean citizens, senior ZANU PF officials and cronies ended up as the main beneficiaries.

Some of the chief offenders of multiple land ownership are also senior party members, including members of the first family.

This includes ZANU PF politburo member and Senate President Edna Madzongwe, who has six farms. Government Ministers Kembo Mohadi and Webster Shamu both have four farms each, while Minister Ignatius Chombo has five farms. Other senior officials also have more than one property, including Ministers Saviour Kasukuwere and Patrick Chinamasa, who both have two farms each.

Robert Mugabe and his relatives are the biggest offenders, with more than 12 farms. This includes the farms now controlled by Grace Mugabe, who has been steadily building up a commercial empire of land.

The situation has raised many questions about who the multiple ownership ‘clampdown’ will target, if the order to surrender the farms is ever honoured. Observers have said it is unlikely that the senior party offenders will be forced into giving up the properties that they ‘earned’ as ZANU PF loyalists.



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    mujibha 11 years ago

    Huwori chete

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    mujibha 11 years ago

    Vachena vakatorera mapurazi vachinzi vane akawandisa pamunhu mumwechete ko sekuru vachaita sei kuna mai venyika vane gumi neauraudza? Come sekuru show amai that hatibvumiri huwori munyika.

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    Doris 11 years ago

    So, grab a farm or 10, sell anything that moves, settle into the homestead which comes complete with furniture, clothes in the cupboards, have total ignorance on what to do with a prime property that exports horticulture, and there you have it. Total devastation of a once viable, profitable farm, whose original workers are now being paid a pittance so that they can continue living in nice brick houses, provided by the original white owner. Land reform my …….

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    Tiger Shona 11 years ago

    They will not part with any of their I’ll gotten goods.
    Can Grace Mugabe prove us wrong?

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    gorongoza 11 years ago

    The Mugabe family has 10 farms already. How does that work?

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    It has to be understood that the, so called first family and their ZANU PF cronies, actually believe they own Zimbabwe. They are not a government but the equivalent of medieval landlords and the population their serfs. If their serfs rebel they knock them down with an iron fist in exactly the same way the medieval landlords did their serfs. The horrifying thing about this is, is that it has the support of the AU and SADAC! The only result of this will be more and more human misery as the landlords revel in their wealth sponsored by the Chinese, as they loot, and the caring world does what it can to feed the serfs. Disgusting.

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    The land belongs to Zimbabweans not to a few black oppressors. Disgusting.

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    Mjiba 11 years ago

    Yaah, you can say that again Mike infect its an understatement to say they believe they own Zimbabwe; “They believe they are Zimbabwe themselves.” Take for example the so called sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the west, it is just a list of the most notorious elite that are restricted to travel to the West but they say ZIMBABWE is under sanctions by USA and the West. Just a small clique (less than 0.001% of our population)have become a true representation the Republic of Zimbabwe. The 99.99999% of the population do not exist as far as they are concerned.

    Whilst over 2million are starving in Zimbabwe, they are busy spending millions of dollars purchasing fancy vehicles for their lieutenants and loyalists (the DAs, PAs, Ass. Superintendents & above in the police force then army, ministerial heads – provincial, the zec – makaraus & team, the RG’s office – mudedes and his department) in appreciation of what they did for the July elections. we cannot even talk about the notorious nikuv and the prc. USA (can’t imagine the irony) ended up cheeping in with $25million to feed the neglected populace of Zimbabwe which according to them don’t exist (they are not Zimbabwe)

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    tofazvedu 11 years ago

    Do you think they will give up the farms. Who will approach Mugabe

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    MikeH 11 years ago

    It will be interesting to see what happens when someone cracks down on mugabe !!! Another mysterious car crash perhaps !!!