Man scalds wife with porridge

Source: Man scalds wife with porridge –Newsday Zimbabwe

HARARE magistrate Tamara Chibindi has granted a protection order to a woman after her husband poured hot porridge on her during an altercation.

Rejoice Ngwena told Chibindi on Monday that she was living in fear after her husband, Henry Ngwena left her with visible scald scars all over her body. She said a small disagreement led to the altercation between the couple.

“I did not know that it would go as far as him pouring hot porridge on me leaving me with these scalds,” she said.

She pleaded with the court to be granted the protection order, adding that her husband also insulted her.

Ngwena argued that he did not intentionally pour the hot porridge on her, saying it was an accident which happened while she was cooking sadza (thick porridge). He also accused Ngwena of trying to hit him with the wooden spoon she was using.