Mangudya’s Bond Notes Have Caused More Harm – Gutu

Source: Mangudya’s Bond Notes Have Caused More Harm – Gutu | ZimEye

By Business Reporter| Exactly a year after they were introduced, MDC Spokesman Obert Gutu believes that bond notes have caused more harm than good to Zimbabwe.

Writing on Tuesday morning, Gutu said, “I am not an economist but quite honestly, I think the introduction of bond notes in Zimbabwe has actually caused more harm than good in our financial system.

“What do you guys think?,” Gutu asked on his micro blogging portal.

The development comes after ZimEye profiled the bond notes pre and post introduction from the days of Sten Zvorwadza all the way up to this week following Robert Mugabe’s removal. In October 2016 for instance, an EU based Zimbabwean woman stopped bond note printing in Germany. A month later RBZ boss John Mangudya eventually managed to print them this time using a South Africa based company.


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    Karen Lawrence 5 years ago

    Thank you for keeping the world informed about the situation in Zimbabwe. Although I cannot claim to understand it fully, I think it is important to let people know that there are many of us here in the United States, I am from Oregon, that are watching what is happening in Zimbabwe. We care about the people and pray for you daily.

    I hope that by something as simple as commenting on your blog we can let your government know that people all over the world are watching and hoping that the restructuring of the Zimbabwe’s government will be ALL in the best interest of the people of Zimbabwe. The old government was all too obviously concerned only with lining their own pockets. Shame on them!

    God bless the people of Zimbabwe!