Manpower development thrust gets thumbs up

Source: Manpower development thrust gets thumbs up | The Herald

Manpower development thrust gets thumbs up
VP Chiwenga

Mukudzei Chingwere   in VICTORIA FALLS 

Government is ready to support health care workers that wish to undergo attachments abroad, Vice President and Health and Child Care Minister Dr Constantino Chiwenga has said.

He said this while addressing health stakeholders here on Wednesday night.

“We will also have health attaches, who will be going to foreign countries,” said VP Chiwenga.

“If you want to go for an attachment, go for the attachment properly (and) we will make sure we will support that.

“We will sponsor you to go for a year, two or three years, to specialise in a particular area and come back to work for your country.” 

The move was immediately embraced by health workers, saying the development would help the country match international best practices.

The improvement of the health system is seen as a prerequisite for the attainment of an upper middle income society by 2030 as envisaged by President Mnangagwa.

Celebrated specialist surgeon, Mr Noel Zulu, talked of the importance of such a programme.

He said he was trained abroad twice and to date, he has conducted 6 997 surgeries in Masvingo since his return in 2013.

“When you go out of the country, you know where you came from. So there is always that thing at the back of your mind where you say how can I put this thing where I come from.

“Unless you are trained, you will never know what to do, to get to be able to make decisions, you must attain a certain level of expertise,” said Mr Zulu. He also said it will equip beneficiaries with competences to train others back home as well as the ability to be innovative and adapting to local situations.

Mashonaland East Provincial Nursing Officer Mrs Eunice Takura said: “We are very happy that Government wants to help us to attain further education. It is something we always wished for. 

“We want to be at the level of best health systems in the world and if some manages to go and get expertise in those countries it will help the improvement of our own health delivery system.” 

Mashonaland West Provincial Nursing Officer Mr Farayi Marufu commended the Vice President for taking time to interface with them. 

“This is the first. To have a leader like him spending two-days with you, interface with all of us is something we really appreciate.

“We are happy that the Government is also working on improving non-monetary initiatives like the availing of housing and car loans.

“We are very happy with the manpower development initiative, most professionals want to advance their education but they need such programmes,” said Mr Marufu.

President Mnangagwa’s administration is configuring the health sector towards the realisation of medical tourism and a reduction on patient exports. An empowered workforce is seen as a prerequisite towards the attainment of high standards in the healthcare delivery system. 

Said VP Chiwenga: “The professional development of healthcare workers continues to be a priority hence programmes for manpower development leave on full pay will continue to be supported.

“Equally, exchange programmes and career guidance will also be explored with a view to strengthen the health service.”