MDC Defectors Demand Farms, Mines From Zanu PF

Source: MDC Defectors Demand Farms, Mines From Zanu PF ⋆ Pindula News

Former MDC legislator Blessing Chebundo who recently joined Zanu PF said the newly-recruited ruling party members should be given mines and farms.

Chebundo made the remarks while speaking at a recent Zanu PF meeting held at the party’s Kwekwe district offices. He said:

During the days when we were in the opposition when we wanted to mine or farm we would not be given access as we were told we belonged to the opposition.

The people who have joined the party from the opposition are now part of the ruling party and they also need opportunities that the people in Zanu PF are already enjoying.

The people who have joined the party must not be treated like outcasts since they are now part of Zanu PF.

They also want to be given mining and farming opportunities just like the people who are already in the party.

Chebundo also sought to assure his new comrades in Zanu PF that he did not join the party for any position or to become an MP but to add his efforts to national development.


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    Ndonga 9 months ago

    What madness is this?
    But we can be thankful that Blessing Chebundo did not waste time to show us his true colours.
    He will fit very nicely into the thieving ways of ZANU PF.
    Can you imagine him sitting in a private meeting with ED?
    Please Mister President but I need a mine and a farm!
    Yes, certainly Blessing, would you like a maize farm or one for tobacco and as for a mine what about the Globe and Phoenix mine in your home town of Kwe Kwe.
    Well, if it’s not too much trouble I would like a big tobacco farm in Mvurwi and the Globe and Phoenix Mine will be good for me.
    No problema, we will organise that.
    Smiles all round.

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    Ndebele 9 months ago

    This is an excellent idea from the New Zanu Hopefuls! The number of cattle has doubled in Africa in the last 30 years from about 185 million to about 350 million head. The desertification resulting from this is well documented with all the refugees flooding to Greece, Italy and France in boats and then trying to get to the UK. Yes – Harold Mac Milan was correct. The winds of change are still blowing through Africa. But now – sixty years later the fruits of sixty years of lies and manipulation from The Combined Zanu and the British Foreign Office Front (Patriotic of course!) have changed them to Desert Winds! The irony of Cecil Rhodes setting up Matopos Research Station some 120 years ago – and Jan Smuts setting up a Conservation Course at Wits some 75 years ago after the War is somehow lost on the Jolly Hockey Sticks Club in Westminster? At least Prince Philip understood conservation – but he failed to educate his politicians like Wilson, Heath or Thatcher? RIP Prince Philip.

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    Fallenz 9 months ago

    See, that’s what it’s all about… not about representing the people, not about making life in Zim better, not to improve governance and bring sanity, civility, and reason.  It’s ALL about “gimme”.  His own statement acknowledges the greed of ZANUPF, but instead of standing in opposition trying to eliminate the “pay-for-play”, graft, theft, and such in high places, he joins ZANUPF to root his way to the feeding trough.  He betrayed those who voted for him.  He represented himself as an honorable man, and that’s who they expected to represent them, but find he was/is nothing but a grubbing liar and con man with no integrity, not interested in them at all… just like all those ZANUPF mafia politicians.  Pure evil, they are. 

    It is said, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”… but imagine what awaits from the “scorned” Almighty God.

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    Dr Ace Mukadota PhD 9 months ago

    Maybe should also be given a bank or two – maybe even why not give somebody Kariba dam comrades. Seems in ZW everybody wants to live at the expense of everybody else. Freedom being taken too seriosly in ZW today possibly.