MDC Election Dossier: How to make it effective

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Still reeling from its highly controversial election defeat at the hands of crafty ZanuPF, the MDC-T announced that it has been working behind the scenes to compile a convincing dossier of the way the rigging was done. From the preliminary reports made shortly after the elections, it was arguably the most bizarre form of election fraud the world has ever witnessed.

To most Zimbabweans the idea of the dossier is a welcome development as it gives the masses a chance to claw back the victory that was clearly theirs before ZanuPF’s brutal scheme was put into operation to rob the nation of their inalienable right to put in place a government of their choice. That the MDC-T was destined for a resounding victory was plain to see as its support burst at the seams, evidenced by the expansive seas of red seen at its rallies. Walking to an MDC rally was like dicing with your life, timidly tip-toeing across a minefield, because you risked incurring the wrath of marauding ZanuPF militias itching to decimate the MDC.

The MDC must be under no illusion that, armed with an elaborate, painstakingly produced document, it will be an easy task to knock ZanuPF off the perch. ZanuFF’s talons have grown into the perch as it jealously guards and clings tenaciously to what it knows is stolen property. The MDC will have to move heaven and earth to yield any positives from its enormous efforts. The task is made all the more difficult because ZanuPF was swift to secure a slew of high profile endorsements for its hollow victory, including one from the United Nations itself.

In a move foreboding the unbridled anarchy that Africa must brace for, the SADC and the AU each gave their nod to Mugabe’s disputed win, and the SADC rubbed it in by electing him the vice-chairman of the regional block, with promises that within a year he would ascend to the all-important chair. With the precedent set by Mugabe, we might as well expect all the sitting presidents of Africa to follow in his footsteps.

All these are hurdles that the MDC needs to surmount if it is to gain any dividends from its efforts. It needs to come up with a clear strategy of what to do in order to maximise the effectiveness of the dossier because it is one thing to produce an excellent, evidence-based dossier, and quite another to achieve the desired objective with it.

The party obviously had its own ideas about how to utilise the dossier when it set out to compile it, but the following are some ideas that it can consider. To begin with, the party must consider this document crucial in rectifying the current anomalous situation where an illegitimate government is ruling the country. It must be sent to all the influential international players including the SADC, the AU, the EU, the USA, China and Russia. To underline the importance attached to it and the urgency of the matter, it must be hand-delivered by a party envoy, who must request a speedy response to it.

The dossier must emphasise that what has been presented is irrefutable and widespread evidence of what actually transpired in the elections, for which reason the election cannot be regarded as free and fair. It must further be clear on what action the recipients are expected to take, whether it is calling for a UN investigation, or conducting fresh free and fair elections organised by the UN, and so on and so forth.

To show its utter rejection of the current government, the MDC MPs currently in government must pull out, which is what they should have done from the beginning. They should choose to suffer with the rest of the Zimbabweans rather than feed from a tyrant’s hand like Moses who chose to suffer with the Israelites rather than enjoy the delicacies of Pharaoh. When the elections results were announced the MDC’s first reaction was that it would not participate in a fraudulently installed government system. That was the right thing to do, and if that had been done there would have been a stalemate and the UN would certainly not have congratulated Mugabe. Was it greed that made the MDC MPs renege on that promise? Or was it putting personal interests before national interests? It is not too late to change. Contrary to any ostensible argument in favour of their continued participation, they will not achieve anything, being only a third of parliament.

The handing in of the dossier should be complemented by demonstrations and petitions by both the Diaspora and those at home. This will give it a national feel and not be interpreted as the feelings of a handful of people. Other political parties, NGOs and the civil society should be roped in to lend their support. If possible, major international newspapers should be given copies of the dossier and lobbied to give messages of support.

The anticipated dossier can be a game-changer if used with wisdom. The MDC should leave no stone unturned in seeking ways of making it work and every patriotic Zimbabwean should co-operate to make the national dream come true.

Ben Semwayo


  • comment-avatar
    Lizi Nkala 10 years ago

    The greatest day dreamer of all times-this Semwayo fool. To think that the UN, which accepted and congradulated the President on his win on the basis of what SADC, AU, China, Russia, and more than two thirds of humanity, can suddenly change its stance on the basis of a wishful thinking-dossier prepared by MDC ignoramuses and losers of the election? Does Semwayo believe that the MDV can go into power through the so called dossier rather than through the ballot? As usual, and in the likeness of all imperialists who naturally must be sponsoring you, you call for an uprising in Zimbabwe and all over the world-an uprising in which thousands of people die? To imperialists, those lives are worth nothing, including Semwayo’s. That will never happen. And Semwayo, you are pre supposing that Zimbabwe will sit idle and watch the MDC engage in this kind of war on its people. There shall come a time when we Zimbabweans shall regard the MDC and people like you as enermies that must be eliminated. It is better to eliminate the few MDC bafoons than having hundreds of thousands of our people murdered by the MDC, Semwayo and others. That time is now and I am sure you will soon be hearing from the people of Zimbabwe. MDC will soon be hearing from the people of Zimbabwe.

  • comment-avatar
    mucha 10 years ago

    This is wishful thinking and very imaginative ideas. Thank you Semwayo wherever you are writing from. You are not in Zimbabwe I presume and you are far from realities.

    I your imaginary world, you believe everybody in Zimbabwe is MDC and are itching for violence. People are moving forward if you don’t know. So please spare us your stupid advice.

  • comment-avatar
    mucha 10 years ago

    This is wishful thinking and very imaginative ideas. Thank you Semwayo wherever you are writing from. You are not in Zimbabwe I presume and you are far from realities.

    In your imaginary world, you believe everybody in Zimbabwe is MDC and are itching for violence. People are moving forward if you don’t know. So please spare us your stupid advice.

  • comment-avatar

    This elimination of the minority idea is bad, it brought about the gukurahundi that still haunts people even in their dreams / graves.

  • comment-avatar
    Jogo Bonita 10 years ago

    It is ZPF which thinks that zimbabwe is its personal fiefdom which shall be hearing from zimbabweans.

  • comment-avatar
    Mr Mixed Race 10 years ago

    Lizi Nkala just shut up you do not represent genuine war vets and multi-cultural Zimbabweans of good will.You are full of terrible anger and hatred which will lead you to self destruction.I suggest you silently enjoy whatever you are benefiting from the current unfortunate,miserable situation within our country.Our lovely children and grand children require food and all other necessities from us not stupid political comments and insults from you.If you feed them well,I am convinced that no complaints will appear in the press.

  • comment-avatar
    Jackson Magaya 10 years ago

    Lizi Nkala: I am not sure if you are knowleable of the true political histories of both zanu pf and the MDC. I am I getting you right in your comment which I quote “It is better to eliminate the few MDC bafoons than having hundreds of thousands of our people murdered by the MDC”

    Now NKALA,was it not zanu pf which murdered about 400 people in 2008 elections,was it not zanu pf which murdered Chiminya and Mabika,was it not zanu pf which murdered thousands of innocent civilians in Matebeleland. To my living memory, MDC has never murdered anybody and does not preach violence like zanu pf, which boasts of degrees of violence.

    The shallowness you exhibit here is intriguing. You are a dangerously minded fool.

  • comment-avatar
    Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof) 10 years ago

    @Ben SEMWAYO: While you are entitled to your misgiuded views about the 31 JULY ,2013 elections results accepted by the progress world and rejected by MDCT and its handlers, have you asked yourself why WESTERN media predicted ZANUPF win almost a year b4 the elections? The Media predictions never mentioned rigging as the winning factor! Zimbabweans spoke freely as observers confirmed! Zimbabweans fully understand that the WEST imposed sanctions on Zim becoz of the land issue and they rejected MDCT for supporting that nefarious stand against land for the black majority in Zimbabwe , not in UK!

  • comment-avatar
    nnyati 10 years ago

    We are all entitled to our free view guided by the principles enshrined mostly in what is obtaining in our circumstances. I beg you fellow zimbabweans to desist from hate speach, from calling each other bad names and telling the world what I believe is not zimbabwean.
    I urge you to always factor in the GOD aspect in your doings. I tell you upenyu hwedu idova. He is the great judge. I had a moving dream, a political figure that went to be with the Lord recently was tellin me “my brother tell them to live right; it is hot here” I am a messanger ;live right with true love. Your day will come. IT IS HOT ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!!!!.

  • comment-avatar
    Chivulamapoti 10 years ago

    Mushu, fake Prof and Miss Lizi are ZANU-PF idiots, lackies and boot-lickers. Probably part of the 86% unemployed, caused by Mugarbage!

  • comment-avatar
    Shebah 10 years ago

    So there are people who still think the election was rigged. You were fooled by the “seas of reds”. ZPF changed strategy and for your information, we are the majority and we will remain the majority. Harare is not Zimbabwe and not all in Harare are MDCt. We can even import from the rural come 2018 to vote in Harare, all legal, remember you can just swear for proof of residence, and MDC demanded that and were granted. Come 2018 Harare will register 2million ZPF voters, all legal.

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