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The presence of Chinese and Nigerian businesspeople in the country is not a form of re-colonisation, says Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo.  He said the Chinese and Nigerians were Zimbabwe’s traditional friends who have always stood by the country even in its darkest moments.

Prof Moyo yesterday said the Look East Policy was a response to the economic challenges the country faced as a result of illegal sanctions imposed by the West. He was responding to questions raised by members of the Zimbabwe Council of Churches during a post-election dialogue conference in Harare. Some church leaders had complained about the influx of Nigerians and Chinese in the country, saying they were slowly re-colonising the country by being active in critical sectors of the economy.

Prof Moyo said when Zimbabwe was under siege from the West over the successful land reform, it had no option but to work with friendly countries that respected the sovereignty of other nations.

“I do not think the Chinese and Nigerians have colonised us,” he said. “What we talk about is really a sign of the consequences of the recent economic challenges in our economy.

“We cannot respond to those challenges by becoming xenophobic. We will never be associated with a position that says let us get rid of the Chinese and Nigerians who are our brothers and sisters.”

Prof Moyo said Nigeria, despite not being in the Sadc region, ended up as one of the frontline countries during the liberation struggle.

“They sacrificed for our independence as they participated in a meaningful way,” he said. “They gave us a grant of US$5 million to buy out the South Africans from the media. Zimpapers and Kingstons were owned by South Africa and we cannot forget what others did for us simply because we are going through economic hardships. The observation that they are in critical sectors is not different from the fact that we are wearing clothes produced outside the country.”

Prof Moyo said China was an all-weather friend that stood by Zimbabwe during its difficult times.

“The Chinese cannot in a way be compared to our colonisers,” he said. “If we did not have China and Russia, the British would have ganged with America and France to declare Zimbabwe a Chapter 7 country and legalise the illegal sanctions through the United Nations.”

Prof Moyo said the West wanted to paint Zimbabwe as a worst case to justify pursuit of their national interests.

“They were stopped by China and Russia and what they alleged and put before the UN has been proven to be false by the passage of time,” he said.

“If preserving our country means anything to us we should be grateful to those that have assisted us. But we do not forget that there are also countries that have national interests. Even if they supported us we have always said that we are our own liberators, a fundamental value to guard against the fears that some of you might have.”

Prof Moyo said the new economic blue print, Zim Asset, crafted by Government in line with the Zanu-PF manifesto, would uplift the living standards of the people.

“We are introducing Zim Asset to empower Zimbabweans and bring them to the key sectors to play a leading role and we do that without being emotional. Everyone, including the church, should embrace opportunities availed under the indigenisation programme and contribute towards improving the economy. We should demonstrate a shared vision and conduct businesses with a high sense of accountability and transparency.”

Prof Moyo outlined six pillars for nation building which he said were critical in finding lasting peace and prosperity. Prof Moyo said efforts to develop the country would be meaningless without stability.

“Without stability we will not achieve peace,” he said. “That is why you saw that the President in the run up to the elections took every opportunity to preach non violence.”



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    Revenger-avenger 10 years ago

    Kingston now a tuckshop!!!! China gave you secret bank accounts to launder your plundered loot. Theyellow devil masters now have their zanu puppets by the short and curlies!!!! Africa will only wake up when it’s too late

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    The mere fact that the Herald feels compelled to print Moyo’s bullsh*t is the only proof needed that the Chinese and the Nigerians are indeed colonizing the country! It’s plain as day to anyone who can think.

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    ZimJim 10 years ago

    Moyo is an idiot. A blind, ignorant idiot.
    A Professor of Stupidity.

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    Tjingababili 10 years ago


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    Charlie Cochrane 10 years ago

    Professor Moron, you of all people should know the Nazi adage that if you repeat a lie often enough then people will believe it…………I assume this excrement you spew stating your country is not being recolonised by the chinese is the first of many such denials………..and as for you having the temerity to use the word xenophobia………racist scum like you invented the word.

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    Most of us Zimbabweans disagree. I live out in Zvimba rural. The Chinese have been given farms. They bring in all their own inputs, most of the labour, equipment and then export over 60% back to China. Does this sound right. They get all the tenders and construction jobs whilst our own companies languish in a lack of meaningful work. Does this sound right. We are definitely being re-colonised albeit in a different form. ZPF, you are selling our nation to the Chinese

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    Allen 10 years ago

    China is like a cancer, it attaches itself to your vitals, sucks you dry and then spits out your carcass.

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    Allen 10 years ago

    China is like a cancer, it attaches itself to your vitals, sucks you dry and then spits out your carcass. I will never allow the racist Chinese to conquer us.

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    Prophet moyo the Chinese are not friends to zimbwean populace but zanu of friends. Us people on the ground see and know what’s taking place, Chinese are parasites,like you parasites. They flock together!!!

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    William Doctor 10 years ago

    The Chinese have ruined their own country – it’s an environmental mess – and now they will devastate other countries.

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    Jogo Bonita 10 years ago

    These racist chinese.whose friends?

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    Clive Sutherland 10 years ago

    If the “Land reform” -read theft program was so successful why is Zimbabwe not exporting farm produce anymore? The mad professor is nothing more than a black Goebbels, Hitler would have been proud of him!

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    Rhodie Homecominng 10 years ago

    You want prosperity to return now?- No problem at all! Pull down the flag of the politically and economically failed state of Zimbabwe, which has only benefitted the ruling elite!
    Raise our Green and White, again!- the true flag of all Rhodesians, black and white. Fly the Green and White from every flagpole in the country! The hundreds, and then thousands, of true Rhodesians will return home,- to re-build the country. ( True Rhodesians, not Colonials.) Your dedication to this objective, will make the New Rhodesia, we all knew and loved,-the Pride of Africa, with worldwide acceptance.There will again be prosperity throughout the land, and for all it’s people, with blacks and whites working together, to re-build the country.
    You were all tricked and deceived, into fighting this liberation war, for nothing!, except hunger and misery!

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    BossMyass 10 years ago

    Patronage may also come about in different forms, such as appointing people to influential positions from a particular group of people, class, tribe or gender. For example, in many Arab countries it depends on whether you are a Sunni or Shiite and generally women are excluded from holding public office. In Europe and North America it depends on the class to which you belong, such as the bourgeois, middle or working class. And in many African, Asian and South American countries where parliamentary democracy is relatively young, patronage takes the form of favouring the tribe, race or caste from which the ruling party draws its support base. The end result of this form of corruption is that the government is blotted with officials who are not necessarily competent but are officials whose trump card is their tribal or social grouping rather than their ability.

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    Harper 10 years ago

    If you are wondering what will happen in the future look at Tibet.

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    Mr Mixed Race 10 years ago

    The Chinese are terrible racist as compared to the west.I suggest that government officials must visit one of their shops in Lobengula Street and Fourth Avenue to see how our innocent people are subjected to, by these news masters.A funny barrier is placed across the doorway making it impossible for ladies and disabled persons to enter and leave the shop.When I challenged them to remove it, they claimed it was to stop thieves,which in my opinion is against public safety.I never saw that barrier in their country.Are there no thieves in China?Why have this barrier here?

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    Chivulamapoti 10 years ago

    Khoi vanquished by Hadzwa and Soto.
    Hadzwa, Soto, Swazi, Tonga vanquished by ShakaZulu. Kalanga, mKorekore, Chewa, aManyika and Tswana vanquished by ShakaZulu’s off-shoot, Mzilikatzi.
    Mzilikatzi succeeded by Paramnount Chief Lobengula (a Zulu) to create the nDebele Nayion. The nDebele (Matabele) vanquished by the BSAP lead by Paramount Chief Sir Cecil John Rhodes. Under his orders his warriors, Jameson, Selous, Wilson, Baines, Forbes occupied Matabeleland, Manicaland, Mashonaland and Masvingoland. (As had all Conquerers before). Here is the pre and Historic list –
    Ancient history

    Mapungubwe Kingdom c.1075–1220
    Zimbabwe Kingdom c.1220–1450
    Mutapa Kingdom c.1450–1760
    Torwa dynasty c.1450–1683

    White settlement pre-1923
    Rozwi Empire c.1684–1834
    Matabeleland 1838–1894
    Rudd Concession 1888
    BSA Company rule 1890–1923
    First Matabele War 1893–1894
    Second Matabele War 1896–1897

    Colony of Southern Rhodesia 1923–1965

    Federation 1953–1963
    Rhodesian Bush War 1964–1979
    Unilateral Declaration
    of Independence (UDI) 1965
    Rhodesia under UDI 1965–1979
    Zimbabwe-Rhodesia June 1979
    Lancaster House Agreement Dec 1979
    British Dependency 1979–1980
    Zimbabwe 1980–present
    Gukurahundi 1982–1987
    Death of R.Mugabe Feb 2014
    Civil War Zimbabwe 2014- 2016
    Fall of ZANU-PF July 2016
    Emergency Referendum August 2016
    MDC-T Tsvangarai President 2016
    MDC-T 209 seats – ZANU- 56 – ISO -10.

    Republic of Zimdesia has had a phenomenal growth rate of 9.7% annually and a GNP increase of 112%.
    Unemployment is 4.6% and of the 10,800 arable farms, 92% are operated in a multi-racial agreement, with a 50/50 shared leasehold. Zimdesia is a Member of the Security Council this year, 2016 and had Veto.

    Gross exports in maize, tobacco, beef, sorghum, diamonds, gold, uranium exceed imports by $2 trillion dollars. Zimdesia has the fastest growing economy in Africa,43% pa and is number 8 worldwide. Population numbers were 98% black, but since the influx of white Zimdesians, the demographics are 84% black, 16% white, asian and mixed and growing.
    The Chinese business holding footprint in the former Zimbabwe has dropped from 6% to something negligible. Water supply, electricity generation, hospitals and clinics, schools, roads, railways, airports, bridges and rivers have undergone a massive upgrade. 92% school-age children are in school, health care is free to all Zimdesians, as is College Education. The last 38 years of hell are a distant memory as Zimdesians enjoy fishing, boating, flying and recreation at the safe, poacher free game reserves and parks. Business is thriving as spendable income increases for the common man and woman. The Police, Military and Government have strict orders to remain non-partisan and subject to the people, for fear of dismissal and possible internment.
    The IOC, old ZEC and PISI and ZNA have been disbanded and new entities put in their place. The President no longer has any veto or special power, it is now a largely Ceremonial position.
    Term limits are 4 years and no longer, Parliamentary limits are two terms and no longer.
    We have stopped “Crying for our Beloved Country”, Great Zimdesia!

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    Chivulamapoti 10 years ago

    Just having some fun, dreaming of what could be! “Cry, my Beloved Country”.

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    Diego Zhaba 10 years ago

    Jonathan Moyo, we are not fools, we live with reality. We are not chair bound managers but very pragmatic and hands-on. The CHINESE are the worst RACISTS ever. Icho chinovadyisa IMBWA ndoo chinovadaro. Why on earth would you speak praises of the CHINESE Jonathan? They have destroyed our country, they are quietly exploiting us left, right and centre. Haunyari rugotsi ruzere mvura Jonathan. These are your friends and it’s just you the rulling elite benefiting from this association but at the expense of the poor people. People are left with no choice but to work for the exploiting Chinese people. Look at how they have destroyed the environment. It’s pathetic Jonathan.

    You need to take a proper audit to justify your remarks because all we see is CHINESE taking over everything.