MDC suspends councillors taking bribes from ZANU PF

via MDC suspends councillors taking bribes from ZANU PF | SW Radio Africa  by Mthulisi Mathuthu  November 15, 2013  

The MDC-T this week suspended three Victoria Falls councillors on allegations of receiving bribes from ZANU PF government minister Obert Mpofu, a local daily paper reported Friday.

A Daily News report said Ritchie Mguni, Norris Nyathi and Robson Salimu were suspended Wednesday ‘after a thorough probe’ for allegedly taking bribes from the transport minister. The three are to appear before disciplinary hearing within the next seven days.

The paper quoted the MDC-T provincial chairman for Matabeleland North, Sengezo Tshabangu, confirming the suspension on the basis of what he termed ‘strong evidence’ that the three had indeed taken bribes from Mpofu.

Allegations against the three are that they took bribes from Mpofu and then voted for a ZANU PF candidate during the mayoral elections two months ago.

The probe into the conduct of the three arose after Sifiso Mpofu of ZANU PF was elected mayor, despite the fact MDC-T had seven councillors against ZANU PF’s three, suggesting that MDC people had sold out. But according to SW Radio Africa correspondent Lionel Saungweme there is more to the development than meets the eye.

Mpofu, who is also the MP for Umguza, has previously denied ever meeting the three suspended MDC-T officials.

According to Saungweme the three councillors’s conduct in voting for a ZANU PF mayor could be nothing more than a protest against the imposition of candidates on the electorate by the MDC-T leadership. Saungweme added that there was ‘deep anger’ amongst the MDC-T members throughout the country over the imposition of candidates during the past election, leading some members to voting against their party.

Only a month ago the MDC-T suspended Gweru Mayor Hamutendi Kombayi and four other councilors, for defying party orders to rally behind party nominees during the mayoral elections.



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    What a pathetic story, can anyone believe that any Zanu supporter give MDC a bribe.
    Logically, common sense dictates, that when you win an election you don’t have to bribe anyone

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    mucha 9 years ago

    So who will remain as MDC if all members are suspended? Go on suspend even the supporters so that you will not get any more criticism.

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    Those three should be imprisoned for knowingly receiving stolen goods from poofy mpofu.
    They just cant help it! The nature of the beast!!

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    easily fooled 9 years ago

    If it means Morgan and myself, that would rather be better than looking at numbers including rotten eggs. All sheaves must be weeded out of the corn…..whether big or small

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    Mandla 9 years ago

    Pathetic story… Mdc wanted to impose an old white lady as mayoress, just as she had been imposed as councillor by seeking votes from outside her ward. The 3 principled councillors said no ways! If fiso gave them a crate of beers i wouldn’t be surprised, but to suggest he gave them 20 each.. A downright lie. Salimu was in my house izolo ecela i 50 till monthend… Mdc, don’t impose candidates, let the people decide. As for this pathetic mrs varley, buyela kini we don’t want your kind in politics.

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    maisokwazo 9 years ago

    I think it is prudent for any level headed patriotic organization to purge rogues that seek to taint the image of the party no matter how unpopular the decision may be Look,MDC may not be perfect on everything but I for one applaud MDC principles and stance to discipline those falling off line.

    1.The country had and has gone to the dogs run by a gangster insensitive to the dire plight of the populace and its welfare. MDC formation and inception in 1998 brought hope and zeal to the people’s aspirations and desires -to live in their country of birth peacefully decently, in pursuit of happiness, free from fear, repression, deprivation, suppression victimization and recrimination wanton brutalization by those in power. 2.MDC advocated for and engaged in peaceful dispensation of the people hopes and desires.3.It is without question or doubt that MDC won the hearts of Zimbabweans and yet ZANU PF’s brutality intransigience and evil machinations deprived MDC of its rightful victories in consequent elections.4.In as much as MDC would have chosen a violent revolt it supped with the devil with the hope that those in power would see sense which was a wishful thinking because a devil is a devil Lastly I think let MDC stick to principle an purge all those allying with corruption and evil deeds.

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    Chase them awy plse

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    What more evidence do you want that these idiots receieved bribes. Ikoko kuvotera Zanu humboo hukuru. Suspend and fire these sellouts. MDC wll not run short of membership. You count activists in numbers including these rotten eggs. Dai iri Zanu vaiuraya vose, isu todzinga hedu taipei.

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    Mike Nyathi 9 years ago

    Using the same yardstick, Tsvangirai and his national executive should be fired for accepting bribes from RGM and Gono over the last five years (houses, cars, women and other little trinkets).