Demolitions saga heats up as MDC-T deny responsibility

via Demolitions saga heats up as MDC-T deny responsibility | SW Radio Africa by Tererai Karimakwenda  November 15, 2013 

The chairperson of the Ruwa District Council has denied ordering the destruction of so-called “illegal structures” that took place in his area last week, after various media reports quoted ZANU PF officials blaming the disastrous campaign on Councils led by MDC-T.

Councillor Phineas Mushayavanhu told SW Radio Africa on Friday that the resolution to demolish the structures had already been passed by a Commission that was running the Council during elections, which was appointed by Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo.

Bulldozers tore down tuck shops and houses deemed illegal by the Local Government Ministry in Zimre Park, Runyararo and Damofalls suburbs last Wednesday, and the campaign was due to be rolled out to parts of Harare this week.

But the controversial demolitions were suspended Monday for a period of two months, after strong condemnation from human rights groups, the MDC-T and ZANU PF supporters who benefited from illegal land allocations.

ZANU PF politburo member and deputy minister Tendai Savanhu, this week denied responsibility for ordering the demolitions, insisting that the campaign would be “unconstitutional”, according to the independent Newsday newspaper.

The report quoted Savanhu claiming the demolitions “may have been started by the MDC-T councils in charge of Harare as part of efforts to discredit ZANU PF”.

But Councillor Mushayavanhu dismissed the allegations, saying the Commission appointed by Minister Chombo had passed the resolution and sent minutes from the meeting to central government, which agreed with it by remaining silent.

“So it is the timing that is worrying many people because no sooner had we been inaugurated that they implemented the resolution. But we as Council tried as much as possible to tell the managers not to do it because it would give people the wrong impression,” Mushayavanu said.

He added that the Commission had already “engaged” riot and Council police to oversee the demolitions and accused an “overzealous” district engineer named Mujuru as the key official who implemented the resolution.

Mushayavanhu went further to offer victims of the demolitions some relief, saying despite these “unfortunate events”, those who were unfortunately disadvantaged by the demolitions can approach the council with a view to finding common ground and a way forward”.

The report by Newsday also quotes the Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo, who is alleged to have ordered the “cleanup” campaign, as saying he did “not know where these reports are coming from.”

Chombo said he had “only ordered an investigation into the issue” and his deputy Biggie Matiza would present recommendations after completing an analysis of the situation in Chitungwiza this week.

The now suspended demolition campaign has exposed the chaos that characterizes the ZANU PF government, the divisions within the party itself and the weak, reactive role that the opposition MDC-T seems to play time and time again.



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    It was MDC t that allowed the indiscriminate building of the illegal structures, there is no doubt. It happened whilst they wre in charge.
    They have to come down to protect the health of the general law abiding public but had MDC T been able to administer they would never have been erected in the first place

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    Africanson 9 years ago

    God save your people from suffering in the hands of politicians. Effort is being put on inflicting pain to the vulnerable while real work lingers and lingers

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    Sekuru Mapenga 9 years ago

    Mountains of incompetence; a teaspoon of compassion.
    Governance by fools, no protection by courts.
    Zimbabwe 2013.

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    Jrr56 9 years ago

    Unfortunately no different in any other African country. No wonder the continent is in such a mess with people walking through deserts, crowding condemned boats just to get away from these greedy politicians. Just look at the surviving politicians that have not died when they left, Mbeki (a drunk)_Kaunda still with his hanky and talking nonsense. AU a dictators club, should be renamed again and for once let the people of Africa chose someone that can actually lead and create. NOT STEAL.

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      To educate you all countries internationally have public health laws and where you build on public land your building is demolished so you challenge the world.
      The only issue which you haven’t grasped is why did MDCT allow them to build in the first place.

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    whether its zanu or mdc who did this it remains bad,the motherland is a spook,why?,who define legal, an unjust law is no law at alas.Its up to us to question this modus operandi of politicians on aluta continua.Why is a poor person turned into a subject rather than a citizen, for one to get a legal plan you have to be affluent, and is this what we always wished for during the liberation struggle?,bourgesified society.We should have known that its the liberation of the few black rich,have they seen the look on a father’s eye who feels humiliated and helpless infront of his wife and kids., humiliates by his countrymen and this is embarassing.If they start stealing they will be considered as thieves but are they?,no, someone who destroys their property is a criminal

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      The criminal is the one who built a structure on public land with no sanitation risking public health.
      The ones who say move it or we demolish it are acting in the public interest – protecting the rights of the people, preventing disease.
      We are very grateful please don’t let a few uneducated people who don’t understand until they are ill and die why it is necessary deter you from you public duty.

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    Africanson 9 years ago

    I see an unending pain to my people. Noone cares because noone loves us. We are at their mercy. Zimbabwe kadhoiri kebenzi kanoti uyu arikuruka mumwe arikurudunura. We are a confused nation. Grief is emberded in us and we care less.

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    zvakaoma asi ndinoti kukava dafi kuriyambutsa,,,,, remember both poor and rich are from God

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    Chombo allowed all ths ,Mdc tried to fire councillors in Chitungwiza what happened ?he said no one is fired.

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    It was Chombo who allowed this to happen for political milage.maMDC run councils dont have much to say especially when it comes to council land.ndezva wonder he owns so many properties