MDC to ‘Swear-in’ Chamisa Democratically Elected President of Zimbabwe

MDC to ‘Swear-in’ Chamisa Democratically Elected President of Zimbabwe

Source: MDC to ‘Swear-in’ Chamisa Democratically Elected President of Zimbabwe – VOA

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) formation led by Nelson Chamisa is planning to install him as the legitimately-elected president of Zimbabwe following the disputed July 30 presidential poll won by Zanu PF’s Emmerson Mnangagwa.

MDC-T presidential spokesperson Dr. Nkululeko Sibanda says the swearing-in scheduled for this Saturday, will be conducted by Zimbabweans and not the country’s chief justice or his deputy, who are supposed to administer the oath of office for a president as stipulated in the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

Dr. Sibanda dismissed suggestions that such moves were illegal, saying the people of Zimbabwe have the right to install a president of their choice.

Zanu PF activists warned Chamisa to desist from conducting the symbolic swearing-in ceremony with some calling it treasonous. Section 94 Subsection 1 of the Zimbabwe Constitution stipulates that persons elected as president and vice-presidents assume office when they take, before the Chief Justice or the next most senior judge available, the oaths of president or vice president.

Mnangagwa was sworn-in after the Constitutional Court ruled that he won the presidential poll whose results were challenged by Chamisa.

Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga in January this year conducted the same ceremony in an effort to force President Uhuru Kenyatta to the negotiating table following a disputed presidential election.

But in Chamisa’s case, Dr. Sibanda VOA Zimbabwe Service this is designed to “officially declare” the MDC-T leader the country’s legitimately-elected president.

Reacting to the MDC-T’s move, Zanu PF Central Committee member, Believe Gaule, says the MDC-T will commit treason if it goes ahead with the “swearing-in” ceremony.

Human rights lawyer Matshobana Ncube says the MDC-T’s proposed inauguration is just a big joke.


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    mazano rewayi 4 years ago

    What’s the hurry? Becoz Zim is basically a traditional society that favours older men for leadership positions this act will mostly be interpreted as “childish” thereby offering Zanu PF the chance to change the minimum age for the presidents. Anyone advising NC should be a bit more strategic. NC has one leg in, all he needs to do now is organise his party and plan the next big move, not to throw attention seeking tantrums.

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      KutongaVanhu 4 years ago

      Too bad for NC. He cannot wait, scared of being scratched of by the MDC vultures. I support the age limit not. NC is a replicate of Bob, win at all cost. I advice him to toss his bible into fire. He does not believe in it. Vatungamiriri vanosarudzwa naJehovha. Kucourt anomirira mbavha nemhondi. Ngaambokura ndokuti agobvuma kukundwa. Daiariye ED angadai akatotumira army yese Zvishabane

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    I was for NC but I cant deal with anymore.

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    I’m quite surprised by this move from the MDC to have their mock inaugaration.It defeats all traditional,cultural and religeous values.I dont know which part of society they belong to.Their signature slogan during elections was God is in it.If God was in it as they said,it means the outcome was God’s will as a result they must accept it.What they are doing shows that these young peole are very hungry for power and must not be trusted.They dont care about the welfare of the people but themselves.I’m sure they had already allocated positions for themselves and what happened came as a shocker.Chamisa could have been wise to heed Mnangawas invitation and work for the good of the country.People could have sympathised with him more and his support base could have been made stronger.People are not stupid.Now he stands to lose his supporters should Mnangagwa performs beyond expectations.People only want their life to change for the better no matter who is president.If Chamisa joined Mnangagwa to better the people’s life then Chamisa would be given the credit.Chamisa did not see that he could mount a much bigger and effective assault from the inside.He made a huge miscalculation which he will live to regret.This comment comes from the President of the Zimbabwe National Party.