Mliswa slams Chamisa over violence

Mliswa slams Chamisa over violence

Source: Mliswa slams Chamisa over violence | The Herald June 12, 2018

Mliswa slams Chamisa over violence
Mr Mliswa

Abigail Mawonde Herald Correspondent
Norton legislator Mr Temba Mliswa has condemned MDC Alliance president Mr Nelson Chamisa over failure to at least publicly denounce violence in his party. Violence rocked the MDC-T during and after its primary elections, with its headquarters in Harare turning into a battle zone.

Mr Mliswa yesterday posted on his Twitter handle: “It’s important @nelsonchamisa issues a statement denouncing the interparty violence targeting Hon. Members of Parly (Parliament) like Mutseyami in Manicaland. Ignoring such incidents and continuing to campaign like nothing happened is explosive and not the type of leadership to subscribe to.”

Barely a week ago, Mr Chamisa’s close security assaulted supporters who had gathered at the opposition party’s headquarters, to express their grievances on the manner in which primary elections were conducted in Epworth District.

The supporters are said to have camped at former Harvest House, now Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House, by 8am.
They demanded to meet Mr Chamisa to brief him on how Mr Earthrage Kureva had allegedly used violence and intimidation to win the primary elections to represent Epworth in the National Assembly.

Mr Chamisa reportedly told the supporters he was too busy to attend to them.
The supporters decided to wait for him outside Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House.

As Mr Chamisa was walking out of the building, the party supporters barricaded the exit and threatened to lock him in.
They demanded that he addresses the issues they had raised but – according to a party official – Mr Chamisa’s security ordered them off the party’s headquarters and accused them of lacking respect for the president – and when they refused to go, violence then erupted – then he was whisked away.

Businesses close to Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House like OK First Street briefly closed shop as the MDC-T supporters fought each other. The violence spread to Africa Unity Square.

The MDC-T supporters also assaulted the party’s then deputy president Dr Thokozani Khupe and other senior official at the burial of Mr Morgan Tsvangirai in Buhera in February this year.

They called Dr Khupe names recently outside the Supreme Court during a hearing on which faction wins the right to use the name MDC-T and its symbols.

Further, another MDC-T politician Ms Jessie Majome was also abused by rowdy MDC-T youths against her candidature in Harare West.