Mnangagwa Demands CVs From Ministers 

Source: Mnangagwa Demands CVs From Ministers | ZimEye

By Langton Ncube| There are reports that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has requested that all former Zanu-PF ministers who want to be ministers in his government should submit CVs, an application and a motivational letter stating why they want to be ministers and what they seek to achieve in a ministry of their choice.

This comes after Mnangagwa announced that he will merge ministries in order to remove duplication and to streamline government structures.

He also said that he will appoint a leaner cabinet in order to reduce government expenditure.

Mnangagwa also said that those whose ministries will be abolished will be seconded to other areas in the Public Service.

President Mnangagwa also hinted at a youthful cabinet and said that those that have reached retirement age will be laid off. He said that he will not tolerate slothfulness.

“I am currently in the process of putting together a new government structure, which should essentially be leaner. This, of course, will entail the merging of some line Ministries in order to remove functional duplications as well as contain unnecessary expenditures, so as to enhance productivity and efficient delivery of service,” Mnangagwa told heads of government departments in Harare on Tuesday.

“I want to assure you that no one will be laid off, except those who have reached retirement age. Those whose Ministerial posts will be abolished will be re-skilled and reassigned to other areas in the Public Service,” he said.


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    Let’s get on with it. What is the backlog on ZESA connections and who is answerable? Some date back 10 years where people paid and never got connected. Even recently they want double connection fee to connect households – emu home mavo, or wait 5 years. Is someone checking the connection payments against set SLA and ensuring workers are doing what they are supposed to be doing? Is someone checking usage revenues against connection payments?

    Who ensures that the RG does not keep people waiting for things that other nations do instantly? Is there any form of SLA there and is the relevant minister measured against that deliverable?

    What happened to our roads? Do we really have to live in a place littered with potholes?

    These industries in Highfield and Glen View spewing chemicals in the environment – is someone ultimately in charge – these things end up in drinking water as well.