Mnangagwa No Saint Says British Journalist

A respected British Journalist who once had a no-holds-barred interview with former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has described the former Vice President as a product of President Robert Mugabe’s wily whims.

In spite of the hullabaloo sweeping across the streets of Harare and the whole country in anticipation of Mugabe’s seemingly inevitable demise, British journalist Martin Fletcher has described Mnangagwa as a hard-hearted and ruthless ruthless man.

The former Times Foreign Editor has refused to buy the view that Mnangagwa is the country’s political saviour.  Fletcher said Mnangagwa once told him point blank in an interview he would never deviate from the values of the liberation struggle. He also described Mnangagwa as a shrewd hardliner.

“I had an interview with Mnangagwa and I know that the man is very tough. He has taken advantage of public anger to topple his boss,” said Fletcher. He said the chances of an opposition victory were very slim with Mnangagwa at the helm.

” I understand the wave of excitement in Zimbabwe as the people in that country celebrate Mugabe’s fall but I can categorically say Mnangagwa is not a political saint,” argued Fletcher.

He also said Mnangagwa, a declared Mugabe loyalist was given political orientation by the veteran ruler, since the days of the liberation struggle.

Fletcher further argued that the army used the disgruntled people of Zimbabwe to settle factional battles in the ruling party.