Mnangagwa pays tribute to Mugabe as ‘founding father of the nation’

Emmerson Mnangagwa has begun his inaugural address as Zimbabwe’s president:

I feel deeply humbled again by the decision of my party Zanu-PF inviting me to serve our great nation the republic of Zimbabwe in the capacity of president and commander-in-chief… with effect from today.

He admits he has no unique qualification for the role but will serve all citizens regardless of creed and colour.

He has paid tribute to Robert Mugabe, a founding father of the nation:

He led us in our struggle for national independence he assumed responsibility of leadership at a challenging time… that is to be lauded and celebrated.”

He said despite errors Mr Mugabe might have made:

Let us all accept and acknowledge his immense contribution to the building of our nation.

To me personally he remains a comrade in arms and mentor.