Mnangagwa shielding criminals? 

Source: Mnangagwa shielding criminals? – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 11, 2017

ZIMBABWEANS welcome efforts by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his government to get rid of criminals. 

President E.D Mnangagwa

However, the blitz on such behaviour should be extended to cover all corrupt elements in our society, including members of Mnangagwa’s Lacoste faction and no one should be above board.

As raised by MDC-T chief whip, Innocent Gonese in Parliament recently, Mnangagwa should explain why the army is being deployed in the streets to do a job which should normally be done by the police.

Zanu PF’s controversial Bulawayo district youth league leader Magura Charumbira, a self-confessed Lacoste factionalist, who has extorted money from vendors in Bulawayo for many years continues to wreak havoc, boasting that he is untouchable because he is one of the people who triggered Mnangagwa’s rise to the presidency.

Charumbira has over the years ordered informal traders to pay $2 protection fees to the ruling party, to avoid being harassed by municipal police prior to the blitz against illegal vendors.

On November 27, 2017, he upped the tempo and ordered Makokoba residents to attend a meeting at Davis Hall, which is Zanu PF’s provincial headquarters.

Many now believe Magura enjoys the blessings of top government officials because he has not been arrested.

Mnangagwa, therefore, seems to resemble his mentor Robert Mugabe, who would preach non-tolerance to violence in one breath, but whisper to his security team to deal ruthlessly with his opponents.

Zimbabwe needs a real new beginning in which it gets a new President outside Zanu PF. If Charumbira has the audacity to frog-march people to Zanu PF rallies now, what will become of him when official election campaigns begin?

More worrying is the fact that Mnangagwa has decided to include in his Cabinet military personnel and other people who are reported to have been involved in corruption.

I am worried by such dubious leadership and demand that such duplicity be addressed. If the President made some rushed not-so-well-thought out decisions and if he is well-meaning, it is not too late for him to re-think and act right.


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    Kutama 5 years ago

    It is simply a Lacost Franchise. Similarly, Mutsvangwa wants everybody to forget about the Gukuruhundi because he has said so. This will be G40 Justice not Lacoste Justice. Lacoste Justice is to apply the law selectively and extort more money because they no longer compete with G40 for extortion market share.

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      Chatham House 5 years ago

      Mr. Shiri from the Fifth Brigade is Zanu Crimminal No.1. If he is innocent – The Hague can prove his innocence very easily.

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    Doris 5 years ago

    Well said Chatham House. The Hague has files on all the perpetrators of injustice in Zimbabwe. Their turn will come. They can run but they can’t hide.

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    Pink Pink 5 years ago

    People – why are you surprised that Mnangagwa is shielding criminals? He is after all a criminal himself. With him being involved in the whole Gukurahundi episodes and the murder of many civilians, certain military men and ministers one cannot wonder the extent of the carnage that will be wrought on poor Zimbabwe. Not that Mugabe was any better. But now the people will truly suffer the absence of justice.

    Ministers such as Obert Mpofu, Joram Gumbo, Supa Mandiwanzira, Perence Shiri, and General Moyo spring to mind. The presidents office, chief among them being Dr Sibanda have been instrumental in preventing justice. The world is watching and will not put in money to your rescue while there is still such entrenched corruption.

    Mnangagwa must go!