Mnangagwa visits general Chiwenga at home

… Mrs Mnangagwa kneels before the general.


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    ace mukadota 3 years ago

    Comrade Mrs Mnangagwa kneeling before her new king – this is modern day ZW – the man is always the big chef and all people especially women will bend at the knee & be subserviant. ED is fearful of this Comrade Doctor Chiwengwa comrades.

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    Ndonga 3 years ago

    Where in God’s earth does the wife of a country’s President kneel and pay homage to its Deputy President while the President looks on and encourages her.

    The whole of the real world must be laughing their lungs out.

    There can be no doubt that ED is very much afraid of Chiwenga and is being forced to use all the cunning tricks he learned while sitting on Mugabe’s knee all those many, many years to stay in power.

    And don’t miss that lean and hungry look in Chiwenga’s eye. Just the very same look that Julius Caesar saw in Cassius’s eye.

    It then appears certain that things are going to get very much worse for all of us…if that’s possible.